Announcing Eat Sheep

With a New Year, comes new adventures and goals. One of them this year is CG Cookie’s first internal studio project. If you happened to download this years present on the site you may already know this, but for those who did not download the present, we wanted to officially announce one of our current projects called “Eat Sheep

What is Eat Sheep?

Eat Sheep is CG Cookie’s first internal project to create an iOS game with Blender and Unity.The iOS game has been in production for about 4-5 months at various levels, most of the artists working on the project have full-time jobs outside of CG Cookie.

Being an education company, we are and will be documenting the processes we are taking to create the game. This will inturn be turned into tutorials, downloadable assets and documentation on our pipeline and lessons learned throughout!

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Sheep were bred at record rates in the early 60′s after a direct relationship was realized between getting a good night sleep and the amount of sheep in the world. But unfortunately this has gotten out of control. To help fight against this epidemic of sheep in the world monsters have been released into the wild to consume sheep and save the world!

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Game Play

This is a 3D top-down puzzle game which you are in charge of navigating your monster through to eat sheep before they enter the safe havens of the barn. Along the way you have access to power-ups, placeable obstacles, and can upgrade to a different monster.

The Team

Constructed of various artists that have contributed to our sites or studio work, we are pretty jazzed to have them playing a role on the project.

  • Wes Burke: Project Lead and UI
  • Jonathan Williamson: Character Lead
  • Paul Hoefener: Environment Lead
  • Tim Vonn Rueden: Concept Artist
  • Nubia Palacios: Concept Artist
  • Patrick Boelens: Developer / Engineering

The Documentation

One goal of this project is to work and document as much as we can through our process of creating this game and translate that back to the community here as Tutorials, Post mortems, and tips/tricks when creating your game. We are also releasing majority of the assets as Creative Commons, with some of them available now at

What is an internal project at CG Cookie?

Cg Cookie also operates as a Media House that takes on various gigs in the commercial and VFX industry. Though we wanted something to completely call our own, so we’ve started our “Internal Projects” initiative. Where at CG Cookie we will work to have an active single project going at all times and anybody at CG Cookie can become the “Project lead” on the project.

So after Eat Sheep is complete, new internal crew proposals for the next project will be reviewed. So the next project could be something completely different and ran by a different lead. We want to give anybody involved with CG Cookie, Inc the opportunity to Lead their own project. Similar to how Pixar handles their projects, just about .000000000001th the scale. 😉

Hope you guys are just as excited about getting this game as we are to get it in your hands. Hope you enjoy and see you on the next update.

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54 Responses to “Announcing Eat Sheep”
  1. Posts: 1
    jorsalsa says:

    Great! This is really the type of educational effort we are looking for. Congrats for the project!

    • Posts: 564
      Wes Burke says:

      We hope very shortly after the iOS version. Mainly due to we need to ramp up on the Android ourselves. 😉

  2. Posts: 3
    JoolsMcFly says:

    Looking very promising and we’ll sure learn a lot from your own learning!

    ITS first studio rather than IT’S

  3. Posts: 13
    Arn Sweatman says:

    Can NOT FREAKIN’ WAIT!!! This alone will be worth the price of a Citizen subscription!

  4. Posts: 1 says:

    Great project!!!

  5. Posts: 3
    chriss says:

    thanks so much for the video! really exciting to see how a game is being made for iphone!

  6. Posts: 2
    Apostle says:

    The idea of eating sheep which are a metaphor for the lambs of Jesus Christ is very evil. Would you consider making a game where Jesus is the shepherd and has to save the sheep from Satan?

    • Posts: 2
      Apostle says:

      You have to use the Hebrew name Yahushua HaMaschiach.

  7. Posts: 6
    theoverlord says:

    have a look at webOS aswell it is VERY VERY easy to port Ios games to infact many comment it as the port your game to it lags behind on games and so yours would be (if advetised well) largely accepted

  8. Posts: 9

    Just throwing this out there and am not sure about the possibilities, but… have you considered contracting out the part of this project that requires the android license from unity? So you guys would do all that you can do without having the android license and offer the rest of job to someone with that license for a fee. This may be a terrible idea as I haven’t really worked much with unity yet.

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