Blender: Lip Syncing Animation

In this Blender 2.6 tutorial, we go over a few techniques that assist with performing a decent lip syncing task. First off, we create a few bone groups that will contain the different sections of the face that we’ll be animating (mouth area, eye area, and miscellaneous), then we import a sound clip and set up some Scene Markers to visually illustrate the location of each spoken word in the timeline. We also spend some time to create several Pose Libraries, one for Phonemes and one for expressions. Finally, we utilize these libraries to animate the lip syncing and facial expressions.

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    Joel says:

    just a tip – selecting “available” as the keying set adds keyframes to available f-curves (ie, only what you have already manually keyed will have keyframes added as you animate. if nothing has been manually keyed, then even with automatic keyframe insertion it won’t add any new frames).

    also in order to use that keying set with automatic keyframe insertion, you have to toggle the switch next to the automatic keyframe insertion switch.

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    pangunduh says:

    thank’s david success for you forever

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    jokayo says:

    I would that this is good start for biginers , although there are a lote of random dicisions , I totaly agree with “hasygh94″ , it doesnt respect the principles of animation, I would be happy if BlenderCookie provide us with more organised and solide animation tuts

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    Nadie Duran says:

    Great tutorial.

    As a side note, I’m really interested in the mouth controller you made to open and close the mouth. I can make the shape key for the wide open mouth and purse closed mouth, but I cannot make the driver to properly work with those shapes by scaling the corresponding bone. A tutorial or hint on that control would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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    Lucas Kerbs says:

    When every I use the VSE to render out my animations, the video either come out black or cuts out too short, someone please help!

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    Norman Morse says:

    Excellent tutorial. You turned mud into crystal clear for me. Everything you explained was easy to grasp and follow, unlike other tutorials I have tried to follow where they move at warp factor zillions, and presume you are a flash memory stick. Experts usually make lousy teachers, but you have it just right, thanks.

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