Snow Man Contest Winners Announced!

Okay… we thought you guys were crazy on the pumpkin modeling contest with the amount of entries, but darn near 200 entries were submitted to this contest!

So again thank you for being involved in the Blender and CG Cookie community here. So awesome to see so many entries and creative ideas. So next time your in front of a mirror, point to it and say “You rock!”

Enough of my rambling though… on to the winners! This contest was judged on overall impressions and wasn’t mean to be overly technical. The new thing this time around is the community vote which is based on the amount of likes from the community on our facebook page. 

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Community Vote

This was a close call, but just barely one with 100 likes!

Honorable Mentions

With so many entries, there were quite a few that made us chuckle and generally enjoy. Those are honorable mentioned below.

You can view all of the entries on our facebook page:

Thank you again for all the awesome entries and see you on the next contest!

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