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Time to Open Presents!

We were just about to head out for lunch today and when we couldn’t get the door open. Looking through the small side glass panel on the side we saw this present at our studio front door! We were so excited, Jonathan repelled down the building with dental floss, Wes took a nap on the couch, Tim started drawing on the walls and Alessandro.. well Alessandro is in Rome, so we sent him a Skype Message about it. All while Jonathan was running back up the stairs to help get the door open.. With the door open we heard a grumble and.. (Ah, okay that was all fabricated and most likely not true. ) :)

But in all seriousness, this is something we like to do each year around the holidays on the Blender Cookie. A way to say thank you for another rocking year and the support you guys have given us. It has been quite the ride this past year and our way to give a little more back.

You can mark it on your calendar to come back here and open it up on December 25th! A bit after midnight (-6GMT) we will open up the download for the present for you to open and see what is inside, and then you can post back here to the world what we got you for the holiday. Until then no sneaking a peak, shaking the present, or feeling how heavy it is. You may only look at it. (It is a digital thing) :)

View past year presents: 2010,

It is now time to open it up

So click on the download source files link at the top  and open up the present. The file size is right around 365MB and feel free to tease others on what you got in the comments or blab on what it is. Thanks again guys and talk to yah after the new year!

After the new year we will post the contents out for the public to see.

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87 Responses to “Time to Open Presents!”
  1. Posts: 8
    jutomana says:

    i got a pen :(

  2. Posts: 1
    Daniel says:

    Thank you so much, you have learned me so many things,
    theoretically though, because I need to do more tutorials and
    watch less :-)

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