Modeling Exercise Review: Modeling the Little Bot Bunny Character

Hello and welcome to the review our second modeling exercise, Modeling Little Bot Bunny, based on the concept by David Revoy. This exercise was to model the character from the provided concept with clean topology and good form. This character presented some very interesting challenge that made it a great exercise in modeling skills. There were a huge number of excellent entries submitted, viewable in the gallery HERE.

In the above video I give a review of several selected entries, pointing out some weak and strong areas in each model, along with some consistent mistakes that many people made on the model. I then go on to show how to model on of the most difficult parts of the character. Following the tutorial portion, you can view a timelapse of the complete modeling session for the character below:

Music for the timelapse performed by Silence:

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63 Responses to “Modeling Exercise Review: Modeling the Little Bot Bunny Character”
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    I know it’s considered one object but how many separate pieces make up the object? (body, head, neck, knee pieces, bolts, etc?


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    FreeMind says:

    Isn’t it interesting how we find webcams cute?

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    LeftRight92 says:

    Loved the tutorial, really want to get into modelling more characters like this (ie robots and ‘hard surface’ things) however I keep getting shader errors and the like.
    Is there any possibility I could see a normal time version of the timelapse, would be really helpful as a guide.

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    niwde says:


    Can I ask a quick question?

    While working on the “metal plate”
    1. duplicating the middle curve
    2. duplicating it and then
    3. making the circle with two half-circles

    Question: Why does “Bridge” not work if I use “Merge” to connect the circle?

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    This is a great review. Thank you for doing this. It really helps me on my way learning and understanding blender :)

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    I guess I know why, you’ve missed track named “Stop!” during your timelapse :)

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    liracomx says:

    Great mini tutorial, cool timelapse. 😀 Much better than just leaving us in the dark about modeling the rest as other might do. Will try this soon.

    Quick question, was there a specific reason to go back and re-do the leg? (4:30 in the Youtube video) It seems like an editing glitch since you don’t appear to do anything differently.

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    Simply Awesome! I was just asking myself today “how do I use the bridge tool?” Thanks a ton man. You are such a great mentor in the blender community. I hope life it treating you well, you have earned plenty of good Karma.

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    Fabian says:

    It seems like the punched holes got quite deformed in the finished result JW. Is shrinkwrapping the way to go if you truly want punched holes in a bent surface?

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    Juan Nicolas Gomez says:

    Love the time lapse!!

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    swiftalfie says:

    I’ve learnt a lot about modelling through this tutorial, and this series is a great idea :) Also, the music 4 the time lapse tutorial is awesome!

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    sastrei says:

    Taking the three progressively “better” user-submitted models and pointing out the improvements possible in each is massively educational, as it makes it easier to understand how to go from “flawed” to “good” geometry for subdiv models! Thank you!

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