Pre-Order: Animation Fundamentals V1

We have some very exciting news today… We are announcing a brand new training series on the Fundamentals of Animation by Beorn Leonard!

Animation Fundamentals in Blender By Beorn Leonard

This new training series covers all the fundamentals of Character Animation in Blender. Some highlights include fundamental exercises, timing and spacing, working with overlapping motion, animating walk and run cycles for film or games, understanding IK and FK, using the Grease Pencil for animation sketches, and much, much more! You can view the complete chapter breakdown HERE

This series makes use of a pre-built character named Clive that many of you may already be familiar with! We asked for name suggestions on our Facebook page a while back, we liked Rhui Trickster’s  suggestion and so named him Clive :)


Training Overview

Beorn gives you a complete look at what he covers throughout the series in the video below; warning, it’s full of awesome! You can find complete details on what is covered, and view some sample training and animations from the series by visiting the full training page HERE


Who is Beorn?

Beorn is a very proficient Blender user best known for his work on Sintel, on which he did a large amount of character and creature animation. He also just recently finished working as part of the animation team on Happy Feet 2

Pre-Order Now

The series is available for pre-order today! If you pre-order between now and January 20th you receive it at 42% off the final price, we will also throw in a free upgrade to the DVD-R copy (you pay shipping) and we will give you an additional 50% off any Citizen membership! You can pre-order now by clicking the button below.



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73 Responses to “Pre-Order: Animation Fundamentals V1”
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    I can see the pre-order period is over as you guys are shipping it.. Just out of curiosity what was the pre-order pricing?
    Its just my luck that I get side tracked off in the web-everse and comeback to see I’ve missed out.. (Not that the current price isn’t favourable) I think cgcookie’s content is world class as it is, so I’m tempted to buy this.

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      The pre-order price was $28 USD. So glad to hear you like our content, there’s much more coming!

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        Thanks for the quick response Jonathan… cgcookie is by far the best resource I’ve found and I’ve spent many an hour following yours and everyone elses tut’s.. I’ve freeloaded off you guys for too long so I’ve purchased the digital DL as at $48.

        The only bits I’ve always felt lacking (for my skill level) is that basic workflow front to back, hopefully this tut will point me in the right direction and I can use blender more..

        .. Guess I’ll have to keep coming back more frequently if I want to catch the bargain basement prices. 😉

        great site… spread the word.!!

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    Tim Farley says:

    Great series. I just got to the Chapter 3, walk cycle tutorial, but I can’t figure out how to load a background image sequence. I go to “Background Images” in the Properties panel and enable that. Then I select one (or all) of the images and open them. It works fine if I select “Single Image” from the drop down, but if I select “Image Sequence” I get nothing in the background. Can someone provide some assistance?

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      Hi Tim, are your images sequentially named? Such at 001.png 002.png 003.png. They can be any name, the just must be sequential.

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        Tim Farley says:

        Sorry I forgot to check back for a while. I figured it out the next day. There was an option for how many frames should be displayed, and I was missing that option. Thanks for your reply though!

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