Modeling Exercise: Little Bot Bunny Character

Hello and welcome to our second free modeling exercise! This is a new thing we are trying here on CG Cookie as a way to pave the way towards our upcoming workshops! These exercises have a single goal and purpose, to give everyone the opportunity to improve and fine tune their skill sets.

Modeling Exercise 02 – Little Bot Bunny Character

This exercise assignment is to model a small character based on the concept art by David Revoy. He has been kind enough to license his wonderful Little Bot Bunny character under Creative Commons. Many of you will be familiar with David, but for those that aren’t he was the Art Director for Sintel and is incredibly skilled at producing modeling sheets that are very easy to work from. The modeling sheet for this Little Bot Bunny is provided below. The character has a great set of hard-surfaces that provide all kinds of good modeling challenges.


Note: this exercise is only to model the character, no textures or rendering is required. During the review process I will only be looking at the model and so any textures and such will be removed.

Reference Material

Concept art and modeling sheets by David Revoy,


Once you have finished your model you can submit it to us via the form below. Please keep your scene organized and easy to review. Next week, I will look over each of the submitted models, pick out a few examples of excellent work or common problem areas and talk about how those problems can be fixed. Then I will walk you through modeling the complete character using my methods.


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If you are not familiar with these exercises, read the text below for a rundown on how it works and why we do it!



How does it work?

This modeling exercise works by taking the above topic, along with the linked references from David Revoy and modeling said reference as best you can. Once you have completed your model, you can submit a .blend file to us for review. The exercise will run until next Wednesday, at which point we will take all your submitted models, review them and then produce a tutorial showcasing how we recommend approaching the subject matter, along with a few video highlights of strong points in some of the submitted models. We do ask that you use the reference material provided so as to make the review process more streamlined and focused. This allows us to focus on the technical quality of the model rather than the design.

Why are you doing this?

In our continual efforts to provide Blender and general 3D education, we are always looking for new ways in which we can help people excel. This is just one more of those efforts. The idea is to provide you with a exercise in which you do not need to worry about choosing a topic or trying to master all aspects of the 3D process in a single image. We think these will be a lot of fun and we hope you like them!

How can I participate?

Take the above reference material, make something awesome and submit your file via the upload form above! Simple as that. Any renders or wireframes can be submitted via the “Submit Image” button below.

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93 Responses to “Modeling Exercise: Little Bot Bunny Character”
  1. Posts: 451
    jeremiah r says:

    Hello, when you do the tutorial are you also gonna do texturing it also through gimp to give it some used old feel? Hardest part for me right now is learning to uv map and texture in gimp with all the maps people use to enhance the model.
    take care.

  2. Posts: 11
  3. Posts: 6
    Lance MC says:

    Well this was the hardest thing I’ve done in blender. hopefully it will ok and in on time.
    Thanks for the challenged wished i had done the flash light challenged now

    • Posts: 451
      jeremiah r says:

      you still can 😛 i didnt see the flashlight one either but im gonna try it when get a chance.

  4. Posts: 15
    rodarcus says:

    These tutorials are just awesome! too bad that most of the uploaded images just put my submission to shame :)
    Can’t wait for the next one. And thank you a lot Jonathan!

    • Posts: 451
      jeremiah r says:

      ya I think the exercise is challenging but thats what helps us get better. Just follow the tut later to learn how to improve what you did and it should actually teach you a lot more then just following a tut because you already did the model yourself.

  5. Posts: 1

    First time for me on Bleder Coockie’s exercice and it’s not the easier for me.
    I hope I will finish it in time (head and upper body finished)!!

    My first contact with 3D was due to a tutorial on Blender made by Deevad (David Revoy) and it’s a great pleasure for me to modelise this Bot Bunny.

  6. Posts: 451
    jeremiah r says:

    I changed the neck around on mine incase I want to animate it later on I felt the concept was nice looking but way too tight to animate the neck movement. Idk if anyone else did or not but thats the thing with concepts sometimes you have to think about what you want to use it for.

  7. Posts: 71
    Richard Wilks says:

    With the head being, pretty much, a large eyeball; did anyone else decide that the black, circular indents in the stomach area were speakers? Or was I the only person to come to that conclusion?

    Made some minor adjustments to my LAP1 since submitting (just removing an edge loop here and there).
    My model is now at 3700 vertices (3138 quads+tris or 6038 pure triangles).

    I also made the hands a little bigger so he can hold his carrotsabre properly.

    Looking forward to the tutorial later today (Wednesday).

    • Posts: 451
      jeremiah r says:

      Good idea about speakers. Since I watch futurama I was thinking like Bender’s hatch there is a black hole in his stomach and he can get whatever he wants or store stuff there. I did realize he has no mouth though but also at the same time the eye in itself almost is the mouth of it and the two bolts-symbols-makers mark on sides of head almost looks like the eye position of a real rabbit at certain angles. post a pic of your model. cya

  8. Posts: 7
    Hero Ngauv says:

    Hey Jonathan, just a heads up. I forgot to model the carrot-sabre with my first submission. I resubmitted my entry. Thanks!

  9. Posts: 72
    Ben Kibo says:

    Hey Jonathan, When will the tutorial for this model go out?
    And when it does where can I find it?

  10. Posts: 6

    I keep getting errors when I try to upload my .blend file. It’s sitting at 11.5mb, is there a cap at like 10mb so I can’t upload it?

    • Posts: 71
      Richard Wilks says:

      11.5mb?! What did you feed the poor thing? Mine came in at 731kb.

      OK I did some quick experimentation; applying modifiers will cause the file size to jump if they cause the ‘real’ vertex count to increase. Try not applying any subsurface modifiers or mirror modifiers.

      If that doesn’t work, or it’s too late to un-apply them, then try using a compression tool to reduce the file size. 7Zip is a good one.

      • Posts: 6

        Thanks, I did zip it and it worked. I didn’t add too many of the modifiers, but I did add materials, I wonder if that was the problem. Not textures, just materials…

  11. Posts: 16
    Idle mind says:

    I was wondering if i need to link to david revoys website or if i’m just supposed to mention his name when showing my renders on my personal portfolio site? Sorry I’m not so familiar with the CC requirements…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Posts: 71
      Richard Wilks says:

      Jonathan references the concept artwork in his description at the top of this page.
      ‘Concept art and modeling sheets by David Revoy,

      If you use that as a baseline you shouldn’t realistically go wrong.

      There is also a link to the Creative Commons license in the description.

  12. Posts: 1

    Today i crossed the line! It’s the first time I show my blender’s work to someone. I appreciate very much this site and all the works done by its members. So i proud to be part of this world.

    Last but not least merry christmas to everyone and happy new year


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