Blender: Overview of Object Tracking in Tomato Branch

In this overview of some upcoming features in Blender, we show you how to use the new Object Tracking available in the Tomato branch. Object Tracking, similar to Camera Tracking, allows you to track the position of an object relevant to the camera so that you can replace objects in real footage with a 3D model.

Note: this feature is not yet available in the official release of Blender 2.60. You can download a development version from if you wish to try it.

The footage used in this video is available from here:

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77 Responses to “Blender: Overview of Object Tracking in Tomato Branch”
  1. Posts: 14
    Nico says:

    After solving the object motion, why do the markers for the object end up inside the camera, and very small?

  2. Posts: 19
    dolphindream says:

    I have a suggestion to make to Sebastian :) I’m not sure if it can actually help the tracking algorithm, but I was thinking, would it be possible, let’s say with the object tracking, once certain markers are solved and a rigid 3D structure for those markers is accurately established, to help the occluded markers be predicted in case they happen to jump around due to occlusion. Basically, say you have a marker that occasionally gets occluded or is blurred or for any reason has a poor solving error. Instead of the bad solution for that marker, the algorithm (using the predetermined 3D structure that includes that marker) uses this information to better estimate where the marker should be, therefore sparing the user having to reposition the misplaced marker.

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