Creating an Ocean Scene with OceanSim and Cycles

In this Blender 2.6 video tutorial, we take a look at using the Ocean Sim modifier in conjunction with the Cycles render engine to create a gorgeous ocean scene. This tutorial covers the entire process needed to create the final result, including generation of the ocean, the sky background, rendering in Cycles, and setting up the composite nodes to create the final effect.

Note: I mixed up during the tutorial, and wrongly attributed the Sky Texture. The actual author is David Keyes, and the texture comes from his sky pack that you can download here:

Download our Sky Texture pack here: part 1 | part 2

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156 Responses to “Creating an Ocean Scene with OceanSim and Cycles”
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    flibadedop says:

    I have the same problem (using v2.66.1) .. unable to see UV image on the cylinder. Does anyone know of a workaround please?

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    Wait Filbadop what did u do when u did the unwrapping? cuz i cant see the image on the cylinder and i am using version 2.65?

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      flibadedop says:

      Hi Martin,

      Unfortunately I was trying all kinds of ways to make it work, and don’t remember what worked in the end, but I definitely unwrapped the cylinder using all the different options, and found that the view needed to be right, so Num5 Num1 and then unwrap cylinder projection.

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    Ok, Thanks alot! ill try it out to see what happens, and if it doesnt work ill just find out another way. But thanks for the response!

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    colezero says:

    I’ve got a Problem with the Alpha. I don’t get any alpha channel in the Alpha-Image. Only Combined and Depth. I saved it as Multilayered EXR and repeated the steps exactly as shown in the video, but i don’t get the Alpha. I am using 2.67, so are there any changes i need to make?

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      Fuzzy Barsik says:

      Actually, Cycles does currently allow to render with Alpha as well as with passes, no needs to use Blender Internal render for that. So as to render with Alpha tick Transparent checkbox in the Film section of the Render tab. And don’t forget to save your Multilayered OpenEXR as RGBA, not as RGB only.

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    dolores 74 says:

    It took me three weeks to figure out why my cylinder does not unwrap as it does in the video.

    Because it never was in FRONT view.

    Rewinding the video for the 101th time, Jonathan indeed said it with the speed of light. Learning Blender is watching tutorials frame by frame, Blender is full of this shit.

    The next step is; why does my cylinder turns black switching from cycles to blender render and the sky texture does not appear on it? It is so easy in the tutorial, Jonathan loads the image and olé, there it is. What am I overlooking this time ?

    With this speed it will take years to reach the end of the tutorial.

    Finally opening up the final .blend file that came with the recourse files and appended my boat to it to see it with a sky and an ocean made by my tutor, my boat shows up in all view ports but guess what, … … it does not render ! It all renders as in the tutorial but no boat on it. Where is my lovely boat on the empty ocean ?????

    I better go outside now and do some gardening, the sun is shining and birds fly around.

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      Hey Dolores,

      It’ll continue to get easier and easier. Blender, like every other 3D production package has hundreds, if not thousands of nuances that take time to learn. Once you get through the first big it gets much easier :)

      The reason that the texture goes black when you switch to Blender Render is that Blender Render and Cycles handle materials/textures differently. This is due to the design of the render engines and actually provides some benefits, such as being able to use unique nodes for each render engine. So when you assign a texture in Cycles, and then switch to Blender Render, you’ll need to assign the texture again. However, you should only have to do it that once.

      For rendering your boat, one first thing you can check is that your render layers are not excluding the layer your boat is on. Also, confirm that your boat is set to be renderable, via the camera icon in the Outliner.

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        dolores 74 says:

        Weird man, Blender has so much secrets.

        Thank you for those encouraging words Jonathan.

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    dolores 74 says:

    This tutorial was heavy, as they all are.

    Here is what I did with it. I made it an index file so I can redirect if it comes to its own website.

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    spender says:

    Thank you. I got stuck with the nodes at the last part of the tutorial. I think my problem is reflection from the sky in to the ocean surface.

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    Definitely no pro, but it seems the depth has something to do with the wave size. If you decrease depth to 0 then increment it by .1 you’ll see changes occurring.

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      richard w says:

      The download button is on the same line as the Bookmark, Facebook and Twitter buttons (just under the title).

      Which links aren’t working for you? They all work fine for me.

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    marionr says:

    Hi ! Thanks for this great tutorial !

    Unfortunately I have the same problem than the others previously, I can’t see the UV image on the cylinder

    Does anyone know how to fix this ? :S

    Thanks !

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