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14 Responses to “Exclusive: Creating a Logo with Curves”
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    Jonas Pilo says:

    Cool tutorial, I haven’t really used curves for anything but I guess I should start using it more often.

    Also by looking at this tutorial I just realized how insanely large “Cookie’s” eyes are, they are even larger than anime-large and that is very large 😛

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    dionne theakstone says:

    Are we aloud to use this logo in whatever scene and/or way we see fit?. Example: a cookie clock for a lounge room scene,, idk what ever i choose?… Thought i should ask.

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    Henk Verbree says:

    Thanks Jonathan, gives me more control over the curves now,
    and you take the time to explain more in detail how it works,this is very helpfull

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    Jesse Werner says:

    I tried adding a hook to an inner circle so you could easily move around a hole in and object but it seems it doesnt work =(

    I also wish you should apply different materials to the same 2d curve object without artifacts… My work around was to start duplicate my circle, scale to create the hole, then to duplicate that but right click to leave it in the same spot as if creating doubles in mesh modeling.. then apply the desired material to that.

    So the first inner circle is the same material as the outer circle so it creates the hole… then the second inner circle is the desired material displaying just fine through your new hole.

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      Hey AlphaBean11, I love the idea : ‘Don’t drive stupid’. The realization surely need more work, but the overall seems great. Keep it work.
      By the way I guess it would be a great sub gallery topic : Videos!

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    Gary Parkin says:

    Nice tutorial Jonathan. I’ve used curves for creating elect. wires and pipes, but I never thought about using them for solid objects.
    This building with the hole would have be way easier making it out of curves, then converting to a solid wall.

    (I have a much better render of that building that I have to put up)

    And my ship with portholes would have been easier too.

    I didn’t find a way of key framing the points, can it be done? I’m thinking like the mask object in Adobe After Effects.

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      Joshua Alger says:

      Yes it can be animated. add hooks to the points on the curve using emptys, and then animate the emptys.

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    chemvaldes says:

    The logo I am doing has a straight section that is easily modeled as a plane then the top of the logo has several curves that resemble a fleur de lis. The final logo will be sent to Shapeways to be printed so I believe the shapes need to be one mesh.
    1. How can I add straight lines to the curve? or should I try to stitch my plane and curve together?
    2. How can you apply a mirror curve to a curve?
    3. Can a curve with an extruded height (from properties box) be turned into an active mesh that will produce an stl for printing?

    Using this tutorial I created the curve part perfectly so the tutorial was spot on for that.

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