Creating a Delicious Candy Bar

In this tutorial for Blender 2.5, we create a base candy bar shape with a bit sculpted detail. After modeling, we create a Tangent Normal map for the low-poly version and move on to creating the candy wrapper by drawing a texture map in Gimp. Next, with modeling and texturing complete, we go in and use the compositor to give us a nice Depth of Field effect for final render.

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    Miho says:

    How is it you are selecting all vertices in the row, at the very first when you are deleting the edges, to get ready to mirror it. Mine wont select all at once…

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      Idril says:

      You must click the little button down on the 3d view toolbar that makes it show only the vertices you can see. Clicking it will turn it off.

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    Wow! That was an amazing Tutorial. You covered so many of the topics that I want to learn in one video (Gimp, textures, materials, lighting, sculpting, UV)! I’m still on month 1 of learning Blender and you just saved me so much! I’m going to practice this tutorial until I have it down easy. I will be able to use what I’m going to learn from this tutorial in the underwater models that I am creating for a game with my son (he’s 7). If you can’t tell, I really appreciate this tutorial!

    I think it would be cool if you would create another tutorial similar to this that also has some reflectivity. Maybe a Drink Bottle with a cap, liquid inside (so bottles laid down have the liquid angled correctly), some dew on the outside, and the bottle itself reflects whatever is nearby (maybe a cooler on a picnic blanket).

    In any case, I really appreciate this tutorial!

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    foued babou says:

    great tutorial ! I reaaaly enjoyed it !

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    When I remove the subsurf and add multires multiplier, it wont let me change the render values, they stay at 0, even when I change them by typing in they simply return to 0!

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    my render with the baked normal map is coming out with no material, just the uv squares and distortions due to the map!

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    johnedeus says:

    This was a superb tutorial. I particularly enjoyed the creative use of a chocolate wrapper to provide texture. I am indebted.

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    garvamatic says:

    i will watch this again, and again, and again. LOTS covered, all useful if i can ever keep up… THANK YOU!

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