Series: Low Poly Character – Nearly complete – End of Preorders

We had a little fun with this so let us know what you think!

Low Poly Character Creation Series for Blender

We have had Jonathan locked in the cell (err recording room) for a couple weeks now it seems… though we have been chucking in left over pop-tarts and red-bull every few hours, he may be ready to come out soon. We have received several e-mails from within stating that things are looking pretty solid for an OCT 26th release, and that the series is just about complete..

Don’t worry we are not letting him out just yet… Though with the series just about complete and a release date on the calendar… this does mean the end of pre-orders.

Preorders have ended


Progress Report: 

We learned quite a bit with this series during the production testing and we think you’re all going to love it. With this series covering a pipeline from Blender to Unity, or more appropriately, “creating a game character to be brought into a game engine’ we wanted to bring on some industry guys to make sure we knew what we were doing and not talking out of our rears.

Even though Wes has game experience with environments, he is not a character artist; and so we brought in Chan from Robomodo, whom is the Character Art Director for Robomodo and has been in the industry for quite a bit. He has worked on games such as Fight Night, Def Jam while at Electronic Arts Chicago, and Tony Hawk. We were fortunate enough to have Chan come into the studio and provide some consulting on this series.

This series is looking to be quite the extensive training set, with modeling, sculpting, rigging, animation, normal mapping, texturing, and even exporting all covered.

Release Date:

With the recent progress on the series we are estimating that the series will be available to all pre-orders on the 26th of this month, with DVD-Rs shipping out shortly there-after.

CG Cookie is a premiere donating member to the Blender Foundation Development Fund and your order directly helps support this. So thank you!

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56 Responses to “Series: Low Poly Character – Nearly complete – End of Preorders”
  1. Posts: 8
    lesterdor says:

    Hey Wes Burke,

    i haven’t recieved an E-Mail with the Download-Link until right now. As you can remember i had some errors with paypal while the Pre-Order-Phase. I hope you have recieved the money and i will get the link this day.


  2. Posts: 2
    Baronium says:

    whats happened with 00. Introduction: Concept and Character Overview ? Didn’t get the link to download this…


    • Posts: 564
      Wes Burke says:

      It turned out to be just a quick overview on what the series is going to be covering. I am working on that video now though and will be public on the site. :)

      • Posts: 2
        Baronium says:

        All right thanks again! Then I will continue my training, looks good so far 😉

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