Introduction to the Blender Cycles Render Engine

Hello and welcome to this Blender Cycles Render Engine Introduction!

In this video tutorial we introduce you to the new Blender Cycles render engine that is now available for Blender 2.6. Cycles offers a much more realistic, interactive rendering workflow than the current Blender Internal engine and is a lot of fun to work with.

What you’ll learn

This Blender Cycles tutorials will introduce you to the basics of using Cycles including how to set up your lighting, creating materials with the shader node system, adjusting the environment, and finally how to render a very nice glass bottle filled with red liquid.

Update: since releasing this tutorial Cycles is now included with all versions of Blender. You can download the latest Blender version

Final result from Blender Cycles introduction tutorial


What Next?

If you loved this tutorial and are eager for more then be sure to check out our tutorial on creating incredible, realistic wood barrels and rendering them in Cycles. View Wood Barrels Tutorial

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117 Responses to “Introduction to the Blender Cycles Render Engine”
  1. Posts: 1
    Quinten Krijger says:

    One of the things that is done in this tut is removing the inner glass faces, at the surface where there is ‘wine’. I was wondering how this problem should be approached in a simulation movie of filling up the bottle. Any ideas?

    • Posts: 1
      Gizmo says:

      It doesnt matter which Nvidia I use, which laptop or PC, still it is the same sh|t. Blender Cycles is a total mistake, unless you have 20 hours to render or more. I don’t so bye bye graphics.

  2. Posts: 15
    blenderbutt says:

    I am new to Blender… so forgive me for asking the following: But how do I know which version of an external renderer to use for Blender 2.66? Will 2.66 support previous versions of Yafray for instance?

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