Tip: Using Multiple UV Coordinates

In this tutorial, I show how to use multiple UV coordinates to enable more than one texture map on an object. The example I use is a High-Resolution Head/Face Map, with which you can add a much higher level of detail than is needed on the Low-Resolution Body Map.

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27 Responses to “Tip: Using Multiple UV Coordinates”
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    russel96 says:

    dave, i was just wonderin, prob a bit of topic but u mentioned it here…
    what’s the diff. between ctrl + L and just pressing L?
    i use just L

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      Extremely old post, but in case somebody else has the same question:

      Ctrl+L selects connected geometry to the already selected one, hovering and pressing L selects the geometry without the need to have anything previously selected. Ctrl+L is useful when you have intricate geometry and pressing L could give unexpected results.

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    josephbburg says:

    What is the procedure for using two UV maps at once in cycles? Even with the UV map node I can’t get both images to show up seamlessly(separate UV for body+head). Do I need to do some really careful Alpha-mapping or something? Thanks.

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