Tip: Using the Masonry Add-on

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tutorial we introduce you to the Masonry add-on available from the scripts repository, we go over most of the available settings and we show you how to use it to create a circular, stone room by using the add-on in conjunction with an Array and Simple Deform modifier.

Download the Masonry Add-on

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102 Responses to “Tip: Using the Masonry Add-on”
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    kaelay says:

    I’m trying to find this for blender 2.73, If i install the one for 2.5 or the wallfactory for 2.6 as Kaz mentioned would it work?

  2. Posts: 4
    kaelay says:

    For anyone wondering, as Kaz said, follow the instructions on the link and it works perfectly on 2.73

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