Making a Walkcycle Follow a Path

In this tutorial, I show how to have the character actually move a distance along a path with a walk cycle. First, I show how to do it by just doing a basic “Point A to Point B” animation with the Rig as an Object, then I go over how to set up a Path, and constraining the Rig to it.

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    Is there a way though, to have him standing still for so many frames, then start following the path? Or do I need to separate those into two different files?

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    I just finished this. Great tip. I had a problem when I exuded the curve to add some extra segments. The segments I added tilted/twisted causing the character to bank to the left. I found a solution. Under Object Data for the NurbsPath in the Shape section, it has an option for Twisting. If it is set to Z-Up it takes any twisting out of the NurbsPath, keeping the character from leaning left or right. I still haven’t figured out how to keep the character from leaning forward and backward.

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    Bobber says:

    Is there a way to set it so the linear curve is the default type? Sometimes I’ll forget to change it and it can mess up the animation when i finally realize it and it’s annoying. Im glad they finally let us choose weather we want “TrackBall” or “Turntable” for rotation mode to be the default type because i hate Trackball.

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    Kuba says:

    How to start following a path from 50 frame ( not from begin 0 frame) ?

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    erussx2 says:

    Wjat if you need the character to follow more than one path in a scene?

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