Announcement: Pre-orders for New Low Poly Character Training Series

Following up our previous Vehicle Training Series, Jonathan has begun production on our next big series! This time around he is tackling low poly character creation for game environments. With a little help from Tim Von Rueden on the concept, logistical support from Wes, and game industry consultation from Chan Sarinyamas.

Pre-orders have ended.. you may purchase this series below.

Visit the dedicated training page for further information.

This series sets out to provide a complete walk-through of the entire game character production pipeline. In other words, we are covering high poly sculpting, low poly modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, normal mapping, rigging, animating, and even exporting a playable character to Unity 3D.

Topics Covered in Low Poly Character Creation

  • Highpoly Sculpting
  • Lowpoly Modeling
  • UV Unwrapping
  • Normal Mapping
  • Texturing with Blender and GIMP
  • Lowpoly Character Rigging
  • Animation
  • Exporting to Unity 3D

Concept art by a Tim Von Rueden




Pre-orders have ended.. you may purchase this series below.

Visit the dedicated training page for further information.

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137 Responses to “Announcement: Pre-orders for New Low Poly Character Training Series”
  1. Posts: 4
    Boris says:

    preordered :)
    I was wondering will this tutorial be free on vimeo (like one with game character) ?

  2. Posts: 43
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Just pre-ordered and received my reciept. Now for the hard part…the waiting for the download link! lol

    Been debating with myself ever since this one was announced. Didn’t like the character very much at first, but he kind of “grows” on you after awhile. After looking at all the different training being offered in this package; decided today to go ahead and get it. Besides, having bought all of the other training (and your book) you guys have offered I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this one too…you haven’t steered me wrong yet.

    Happy Blendering & keep the tutorials coming,

  3. Posts: 2
    hisshi says:

    I’ve ordered my copy last week, even though I’m a bit short on money right now… DOESN’T MATTER! MY ART SKILLS AREN’T GONNA TEACH THEMSELVES! Actually they do… sometimes… DOESN’T MATTER! I still want this. Mostly because of the texturing, rigging/animation and exporting bits. Although I’m interested in the high-to-low poly workflow too, since I usually do it the other way around.

    Anyway! Cheers to you, Jonathan, and to the whole crew at cg/blender cookie! 😀

  4. Posts: 29
    Kerrey Johnson says:

    sweet, ordered just in time to save some $ and further support this great site :)

  5. Posts: 1
    Deen says:

    Hi Jonathan.
    I am reading that this training will be available around mid to late September, is this still goes or you delayed the release date? When the last chance to pre-order?

    • Posts: 4218

      Hi Deen,

      I’m working as fast as I can to get the series done, it’s possible to see a late September release still but more likely it will be mid October, though. We will announce when Pre-orders are ending soon so you’ll have plenty of warning to get your pre-order in :)


      • Posts: 15
        jamov says:

        Also preordered recently. Good to know the updated estimate for the release date. Take your time Jonathan, I’d prefer getting more polished product on mid October than a hurried one at the end of September.


  6. Posts: 43
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:


    Thanks for the update. I 2nd what Jamov said. Take your time and get it right, like you usually do. We can wait a little longer for the good quality product you consistently produce.

  7. Posts: 1

    September is already about to be finished, when is this product coming out?

    • Posts: 4218

      Hi Niels,

      We sent out an update to all pre-orders recently stating that we’ve pushed our estimated release date back a few weeks to give a bit more time to polish off the series and make it our best yet. We are shooting for mid-October right now.



  8. Posts: 5
    Dustin Reed says:

    Any idea on a release date yet? The series looks awesome and I would really like to get my hands on it. :-)

    • Posts: 4218

      Hopefully mid October! I have been locking myself in the recording room for several hours a day this whole past week. If it weren’t for my cold at the moment I’d likely be close to done…


      • Posts: 50
        Donald1 says:

        Oh man, does that mean that I have to listen to you coughing and spitting through the training? :O

        Just kidding! Get well.


  9. Posts: 14
    Michael says:

    I asked a question above, but the rest of my post was long, so it was probably overlooked (I ain’t even mad).

    Will the helmet and bandoleer be removable in or out of unity?

    • Posts: 4218

      The Helmet will not but the bandoleer will be able to be removed. If you wanted to make a removable helmet then you would just need to model the entire face. This series will cover modeling the eyes and bridge of the nose, everything that is seen through the helmet.


  10. Posts: 3
    Gabriel Auditore says:

    So… I’m dying here. It’s Oct 12. Do you have a predicted release date? I’m like a little kid waiting for the next animated film, just sooo excited!

    • Posts: 4218

      Hi Gabriel,

      We are looking at a tentative October 24-26th release for all pre-orders! I am in crunch time right now to get the series finalized and in your hands; which I am very excited about :)


  11. Posts: 29
    checker says:

    have mine downloaded now, all I can say is WOW, far more than I ever expected for the price. One thing though, I have not seen the bone ponytail holders shown in the last pic here yet which is a lot of the reason I bought the series, please tell me I am missing something and which file I can find it in

    • Posts: 40
      D B says:

      Neither have I seen it, but I want that pony-tail spine thingy, I don’t wanna whine, but it was kinda important for me when deciding wheter to buy or not to buy the series O:
      Can someone confirm/deny it’s in the series?

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