Creating a Grungy Brick Wall

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we go through the process of creating an old worn down brick wall plagued by graffiti. This tutorial covers modeling, texturing, simplistic lighting, texture painting, bump mapping, baking, normal maps, texture settings, projection painting, and basic modifiers. A few textures were custom made by Porter Nielsen outside of Blender; but every other texture was made in Blender 2.58 during the course of the video.

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68 Responses to “Creating a Grungy Brick Wall”
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    Ok, so i do everything in the video… but when i go into object mode, it doeant show my texture, just the color…. help?!

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      Hi Jimmy, have you enabled “Textured Solid” under the viewport properties (N) panel in the Display section?


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    Henk Verbree says:

    Thanks Porter, very good tutorial and always something new, learned a lot
    keep ongoing with yout little handy tips in your tutorials, very helpfull

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    Thuron says:

    Great Tutorial! I’ve made the Brick wall successfully but now I’m have a lot of trouble with the graffiti. Whenever i try to paint graffiti on it, it displays whatever i paint on 1 wall on all the walls, OR the whole wall gets black…. I’ve been trying to do this four lots of hours now so does anyone know how i would be able to fix this?

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      It sounds like each of your walls are sharing the same UV space. If you select one wall in Edit mode and then move the UVs over you should be good to go.

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        Thuron says:

        what do you mean by “Move the UVs over?” Should I create 4 different UV images for each wall part?

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        No need to create separate UV images, instead just select the UVs in the UV Image Editor and then you can move them around by pressing G. Or you can select all UVs and press CTRL + P to automatically pack all the UVs into the space.

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    Thuron says:

    ok i think i’ve foudn the problem, but i don’t know how to fix it; I don’t have the UV image of the brick wall that he’s painting on at 48 minutes. How does he create it like that? I’ve already made a graffiti map but it’s all black and i cant seem to get the bricks on there…

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    VidE says:

    Meanwhile, at the beginning, when I take my two duplicated 6 brick arrays and ctrl-J them, I lose half my bricks instead. I don’t have merge checked in the array dialog box. What’s going on?

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    JohnMagne says:

    Does anyone know snap settings that are used in this video? My snapping goes high wire, and I cant find the correct compination

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    Saxon says:

    hey, I know this is late and probably no one will reply but if I do everything in this video will I be able to import it into unity for use in a video game?

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        Saxon says:

        also when I go to add the red colour to it, all of the previous
        textures like the cracks and noise go away why is that?

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    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
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      Hey Rich,

      Generally this means one of two things:
      1. Your highpoly object is not also selected.
      2. You don’t have “Bake Selected to Active” checked.

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        Annonymous says:
        The user has disabled their account.
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        Hey! I’ve also got some trouble with the baking. I’ve made sure i followed the guide correctly(as far as i can see :> ), and i do get “results” when baking the normal. But the problem is, the results are awful. I’ll submit a screenshot to images for this tutorial!
        Thanks in advance 😛
        (i use blender 2.6.8a)

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    Bill says:

    I know this is an older tutorial, but I am having problems at the end. How do I get the low poly unwrapped to the same coordinates as the high poly model. When I save the images they are black with no UVS. I am getting the error no images or object to bake too. I am lost.

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    Char says:

    Would love to see this video or something similar done with Cycles.

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    ibrahimade says:

    hi i don’t have this software but i admit it really amazed me and i wish to have it. Could you (the tutor or anybody else) please send me a link that can direct me to the right software and advice on a proper installation if possiple

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