Tip: Importing Blender Sculpting Brush sets with an Add-on

In this quick Blender 2.5 tutorial we show you how to use the Import Brushset add-on that is bundled with Blender 2.58 to quickly grab an entire folder of brushes. These brushes can then easily be used for sculpting fine details.

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42 Responses to “Tip: Importing Blender Sculpting Brush sets with an Add-on”
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    Diaa Hefzy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial…But I can’t paint although I chose the folder of textures and opened it without problem…What I’m doing wrong….Thanks in advance

    • Posts: 10
      Diaa Hefzy says:

      The feature wasn’t working because I clicked on Smooth button before start painting…It must be flat and increase its subdivision using multiresolution in modifier menu….This note for future searchers

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    Well, I found the python script, but when I tell it to install, nothing occurs and I do not find it in my list to enable. It wasn’t there (Mac-32, Blender 2.58a) as expected and went to Blender.org.

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      I am having the same problem. Nothing happens when I try to install 2.5.9 mac 64bit

  3. Posts: 5

    I take it back it did install the feature but will not install the folder with the brush set. No textures show up.

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    Note to those trying I read you could use PSD files however that is not the case with Mac 64, I converted them to jpeg and imported fine.

  5. Posts: 12
    paragon468 says:

    Hm… I’m using Blender 2.63 and I can’t seem to locate this addon. I looked through pretty much all of them and it isn’t there.

  6. Posts: 1
    Chase Weimer says:

    The import brush set thing isn’t there… What happened??? I am using blender 2.63… any suggestions?

  7. Posts: 14
    kolrok says:

    Ok, I just lost my Crease brush. I have no idea what happened to it, I was sculpting along, saved my file, reloaded it later and my crease brush was missing. I tried searching for it in my brushes, but it’s vanished…. Help?

    • Posts: 14
      kolrok says:

      Problem solved. For some reason when I opened up my brush menu my crease brush was missing (and my mask brush) but I fixed it by going to the “Brush” menu down below and manually clicking on each of the ones that were missing. They were then restored to the brush menu.

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        Another thing you can do is create new brush presets by clicking the “+” button and then configuring the brush as you wish. If you do this with a new scene and then save your users settings with CTRL+U then it’ll be saved for all scenes.

      • Posts: 491
        Metalix says:

        You can also append brushes from another file if you have lost a bunch of standard brushes, and you can remove brushes by removing the fake user from the outliner->Datablocks

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