Tip: Using Bone Groups

In this quick Blender 2.5 tip you are shown how to make use of the bone groups to better organize your rig. These bone groups allow you to define custom color sets and to categorize your bones by type.

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10 Responses to “Tip: Using Bone Groups”
  1. Posts: 7
    PKHS says:

    Once again, great tutorial Mr. Williamson

  2. Posts: 174
    dannykneip says:

    Good to know! Thanks

  3. Posts: 38

    Great tip! I saw something about this feature when Blender Foundation added it, but I just haven’t used it yet! And this tip is actually coming in good timing, because I’ll be soon rigging a model I’m working on that’s going to be rather complex. I’ll need this! Thanks!

  4. Posts: 14
    owldude says:

    so, bone groups are just for making rigs more orderly?

  5. Posts: 9
    snot_nose says:

    Actually before 2.5 bone groups were also creating seperate channels in the action editor.
    which made life easier for animating complex rigs.
    It was actually the main reason for me to use bone groups.

    but it seems that channel groups have been removed from 2.5 or not implemented yet.
    Hope It’s gonna go back into 2.5, otherwise it has not much use of them (bone layers are good enough to organise your bones in the viewport)

  6. Posts: 2
    Nick_Hood says:

    Eas too use he says -_-, nah i keeeed xD xD nice work jonathan i love you !!! xD <3

  7. Posts: 1
    hemza says:

    Super ! want more +1

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