Tip: Interactive Inset Extrude – Add-on

Note: this tutorial and add-on are no longer relavant as it does not work with BMesh. Blender 2.63+ now includes an inset tool by default, watch the overview here:



This quick Blender 2.5 tip demonstrates how to use the Interactive Inset Extrude add-on developed by Jon Sandström. Using this add-on makes it very easy to model insets with nearly any kind of selection.

The WIKI page with the download link can be found here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.5/Py/Scripts/Modeling/Inset-Extrude

More info can be found on the Blender Artists thread here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?217800-NEW-interactive-quot-inset-extrude-quot-addon!

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20 Responses to “Tip: Interactive Inset Extrude – Add-on”
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    Dragonlance says:

    Hi there!

    If you have problems with inset extrude BROKEN in Blender 2.62 =>

    Just use the allready shipped plugin “Mesh: Inset Polygon” !

    It does the same, but has no keybind. A new button will apear in the Mesh Tools instead.

    Have fun!

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      Markus says:

      Inset Polygon doen only half of the above shown things. Inset the polygon and then extrude it, that’s what I am looking for. I am using the Inset Polygon plugin :) but the other one looks so more convenient but maybe I am missing something in the Inset Polygon plugin and it can do the nice extrude?

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