Game Engine: Create a Basic Game

In this Blender 2.5 tutorial we’re show how to create a very basic game in the Blender Game Engine with only very basic knowledge. This tutorial covers adding dynamics to objects, setting up hotkeys to move the character and using Properties for more interaction.

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    Dawson says:

    Hey guys, I’m currently trying to make a horror game and the first model I have down is a flashlight… But, I want to have it so i can move around and turn with the keyboard as well as the mouse. If anyone could help I would appreciate it thanks.

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      nenaca says:

      If you are meaning to move the flashlight with the mouse, that is not in the default game engine but you can find a script to do this.

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      Andreas Kurz says:

      Physics have some… how should I call this… zones. If they are close enough they are interpreted as touching objects. You can either minimize that zones or lift the dynamic object more. Perhaps that will work out for you!

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    Booga says:

    Why does my cube bounces back when it touches another?

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      Metalix says:

      My guess is it is set that way in the physics panel, try playing around with the physics settings to see what can create different results.

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    skar says:

    Whenever I switch to GLSL and then change Viewport Mode to Texture, Blender crashes.
    May someone help me out or do I have to try and complete without GLSL shading?

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      Metalix says:

      What version of blender are you using/what graphics card?

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    PikuVava says:

    I have made textured object and when i render it, it looks like it should be.
    So when i start the game engine it looks just like in the modelling i can actually render it, that it is textured and it runs the game with textures. And how i can build the game?

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      Metalix says:

      You need to enable texture mode, you can press Alt+Z to switch to textures, and make sure you are using glsl in the display options in the properties(N) menu

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    machomateo says:

    i am trying to get the camera to follow the character but wen i start in the view o the camera it is fixed in that positin

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      Obi-Wan says:

      I experienced the same problem, but I solved it. I selected my camera, clicked the Object button (that little box on the right) and set the Relations > Parent to Iconsphere. Hope this helps

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      Bill Shepherd says:

      press ‘n’ and then find ‘lock camera to view’ in the view tab.

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    APM DESIGNS says:

    Thank you for this.

    There is enough useful information here to get the user started with playing around with the gaming engine of Blender.

    Much appreciated

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    ling wong says:

    I did this and when I hit “W” he moves forward and the animation plays. Same thing with “S”. So it works. the idle animation plays when no buttons are pressed and the animation’s priority is set to “1” so the forward and backward animations override it. The only problem is when I hit “W” & “S” at the same time. The animation that it played first will freeze. If im holding “W” then hold “S” the “W” animation will freeze. The motions will work but the animations freeze. I tried making W & S together will play idle but it doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

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    Bill Shepherd says:

    I can’t get the velocity to go in the direction that it is pointing in for some reason.

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    articktiger says:

    I have a problem with the lamps in the Game Engine tutorial. Can’t seem to take away the line coming out of the lamps when viewing with a top perspective view, Please help me out?

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    This is a good tutorial, and I am glad that it was made. it helped me get started on a game that I’ve been wanting to make, when I didn’t know how to make a game.

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    muscleboii says:

    if you set a collision sensor and set the material to the ground, it will only be able to jump when its touching the ground

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    jack trotter says:

    guys, to make things shorter, dont worry about adding “and” in the game logic editor, it does it for you, just link them.

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    How would i go about, making one part have more mass than the other

    ex: having the extruded part having more mass than the sphere

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    narithians says:

    Hello all!! OMG LOVE the Tutorial!
    I found it and watched it over half the course of a day(afternoon to evening) while following along. I actually just finished.
    I haven’t had a chance to read through the comments yet but I have a way to launch the cube on the blue tile.
    And any place on the plane needed.

    You can take the second plane (The Launcher) and scale it down to the size needed and actually line it up with the first plane.
    It can be a pain to do but if you see yellow dashes lines going across your second plane then you’ve lined it up.

    Now hit P and test it out.

    You can then hit Alt + D and make another launch pad.
    –You may need to readjust the pad to line it up just right.

    ::SIDE NOTE:: I did not use the little cubes. I actually did the whole tutorial with just a regular cube with a materiel added.^^

    Hope I helped and didn’t repeat knowledge already known ^^’

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      narithians says:

      I meant Shift + D!!!
      For Duplicate!

      Shift + D To make another Launch pad

      So Sorry! ^^’

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