Feature Preview: Cycles Render Engine

In this Blender 2.5 feature development preview, we give you a look at the new Cycles render engine being developed currently. This new, internal, rendering engine is set to modernize the rendering and shading pipeline for Blender, potentially leading to much more realistic and interactive renders.

Download testing builds of Cycles from Graphicall

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88 Responses to “Feature Preview: Cycles Render Engine”
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    Frederik says:

    I have another question though:
    when I preview in Cycles everything looks fine, except for some graininess. So I rendered with 2000 Passes overnight, and the image was much clearer, but I as soon as Blender completes the last pass the imgae turns really dark. I have unchecked “compositing”, “use Nodes” and anything I found that has to do with post processing, still at the end of the render the image jumps to black. Please help, I found nothing on google

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      lokojon says:

      I have the same problem.
      Frederik: Did you find the solution?

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      Hi Oliver,

      Currently strands are not supported and so the only way to render them in Cycles is to convert them to a mesh by pressing “Apply” on the Particle System Modifier.

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    Oblivio says:

    The only button I found under the modifier tab was “convert”. It did nothing for me. I then tried converting curves to mesh via alt+c (nothing) and adding a solidify mod (nothing) to the pelt and repeat the conversion (nothing).

    Blender 2.63
    Could I have the proper sequence of actions that you were referring to?

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