Tip: Symmetrical Texture Painting

In this Blender 2.5 tip, I show you a technique to paint symmetrically (both sides at the same time) on a model using multiple UV maps, one being “folded” in half to achieve the dual mapping of the coordinates, and baking the symmetry to a regularly unwrapped UV map.

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24 Responses to “Tip: Symmetrical Texture Painting”
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    YoungApprentice says:

    First comment!

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    Erasme Beck says:

    Hi Jonathan!
    When you created a new UV texture, it didn’t copy the first UVTex so you had to unwrap it again.
    If you want to copy the first UVTex, create the new one in object mode.

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    Mr Bubble says:

    Too bad symmetry doesn’t work with normal map, I mean overlapping UV’s doesn’t work correctly with normal map in blender

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      I’m not sure you need it to… If you’re using a texture for bump or sculpting, just complete it and bake it to full size first, THEN Bake the normals or bake it to a low poly.

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    Davide Dozza (Bologna - Italy) says:

    A little hint…

    (at 3:50) to duplicate the channel texture, you must pass in “object mode” and add channel.

    In this way the texture channel is duplicated.

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      DoubleD from Italy says:

      mmm… the “UV Texture channel”, obviously…

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    Nice tutorial! This is a great addition to all the other great texturing and painting tuts you guys have done. I mainly use highly developed procedurals and vertex painting, but I may be changing over to some hand painting now. I vaguely remember seeing someone flip the UVs that way for something, but it never again occurred to me to use it for texture painting and this tip comes at a perfect time to really stick in my head and cap off a lot of unused texturing knowledge for me. Not being able to control symmetry had really put me off of a great way to texture paint. Thanks for the tip and timing Jonathan! An elegant solution.

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    OK I just had an idea for any Developers, Coders, or Influencial’s who like this idea. Some people have Tablet’s… I’m guessing most don’t.(Me) We can use the height of the mouse to emulate pen pressure, but that’s horrible! How can you get fine control with that?? BUT! I have a solution- A hot key that does two things at once. First, holding it down makes the ink flow, so if you drag the mouse around it will draw just like holding a right-click. Secondly, it assign’s the level of pressure to the mouse wheel which you can now use with your freed index finger. I will try to implement this on my own because I want it badly. If I have any success, I’ll let every one know!

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      mark says:

      this… may be a good idea!

      I already have a cheap tablet input, but I’d love to tell friends who don’t have a tablet about this hack!

      not sure you’re gonna get the appropriate attention for it buried in this comments section though.

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    bob says:

    does this work for 2.56 beta?

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    beau says:

    Thanks! Helpful!

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    Deejay says:

    I apprecitae you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

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    Mac says:

    You’re a lifesaver, thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

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    perfinstals says:

    helpful … but I hope that in future versions this operation is automatic

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    Thanks! This is actually a really useful way to mirror UV’s so I can save space in my map and export to other applications to texture symmetrically.

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    At around the 7:10 mark or so, you mention the artifact around the middle can be fixed by toggling off project paint. In 2.7, the sub-menu with the “project paint” title is in options, and does not have a simple toggle button. Deselecting the options under it don’t fix the problem either. How do I fix the problem in 2.7?

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    gikkio says:

    but all this ONLY to turn a simple SIMMETRY??
    there is no function even simmetry in 2.7?

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