FCurve/Driver Version Fix for Blender 2.57

In this quick tip, I show you how to easily fix the seemingly non-functional shapekey drivers in Blender 2.57 by using the new Help menu’s “FCurve/Driver Version Fix”.

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7 Responses to “FCurve/Driver Version Fix for Blender 2.57”
  1. Posts: 3
    Nathaniel says:

    thank YOU.

  2. Posts: 1
    lightbulb says:

    i was wondering why all my shapekeys didn’t work. thanks a ton

  3. Posts: 15
    blender_ei says:

    47 Seconds?!
    Now that’s what I call a quick tip – probably the quickest tip of all 😀

  4. Posts: 14
    Ickathu says:

    Really? Aw, man…. Just the other day I spent about 3 hours re-driving a full face of shapekeys!! Oh well, now I know for next time 😛

  5. Posts: 10
    Omar Ramírez says:

    Cool, I was anticipating lots of work to fix that XD awesome to see it won’t be so.

  6. Posts: 109
    Gary Parkin says:

    Wow, thank you!

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