Blender 2.57 is Released – Video Overview

Blender 2.57 is released and available now! With many new features and thousands of bug fixes, Blender 2.57 is the first official, non-beta of 2.5x and is available now after two full years of development:

Below you will find an overview video of Blender 2.57 that goes through all the changes and additions to Blender 2.57 since 2.56.

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65 Responses to “Blender 2.57 is Released – Video Overview”
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    Konstantins says:

    Didn’t know about some features. Nice review.
    Yay for old splitting!

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    I downloaded the official release and my middle button doesn’t work in 2.57. I decided to try downloading 2.57 from graphicall and it works great :)

    • Posts: 227

      if this happens all you have to do is close out and reopen Blender. Happens to me every time I save settings on a new version for the first time.

  3. Posts: 1
    H Genett says:

    Im loving the Loft tool…IMG I needed that last week lol 😀 , Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. Posts: 1
    scatman says:

    With both the 32bit and 64bit version of blender installed, how can I tell (from within blender) which version I’m actually running? The splash screen for blender 2.57 doesn’t say “64bit” or “32bit”, and the user preferences that I’ve set are appearing in both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

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      Day says:

      Don’t think you can tell within Blender. In Windows you can open task manager and find the blender.exe process. If it has a star next to it then Windows is running it as a 32-bit app. 64-bit apps will not have the star. Dont know how to tell in non-Windows OS’s.
      Both versions reference the same location for settings which is why your preferences appear in both.
      Other than for testing purposes or the 1 or 2 libraries not available in 64-bit (I think) there really isnt a reason to install both.

  5. Posts: 2
    daymel says:

    have you guys thought about doing a tutorial on water that can be interacted with for animations

  6. Posts: 2
    Jen says:

    I hope in YafaRay stable implementation…

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    MonicaH says:

    I barely got started on 2.49 when the bugs began bugging me, so I moved to 2.57. You are cramming 10 lbs of information in a 5 lb video. How about slowing down some. Not all of us are in our 20’s. And, you move across the screen so quickly and don’t really let us see what you are doing. Remember, many of us watching this are greener than a chroma key backdrop. Just a month ago, a blender was something you mixed food and drinks in. I want a very basic 2.57 beginners tutorial that you don’t have to have super powers to follow. You have any of that?

  8. Posts: 20
    Newel Hirst says:

    Um is it just me or has anyone else had trouble UV unwrapping in 2.57?


  9. Posts: 9
    PL says:

    wow, 2.57a and now 2.57b ready for download…fortunately they’re opposite to a Autodesk Delay Fix Program;)
    nice job Jonathan!

  10. Posts: 44
    beau says:

    Awesome man!

    But still! where’s the chamfer? Bevel?

  11. Posts: 1

    Wow! Amazing how Blender has changed since the days I used it when NaN was involved! This is just so motivating!

    Thank you for the version update – This helps a lot with training on the new features and how to use the feature allowing users to productive so much quicker.

    Keep up the version videos!

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