Tip: Adding Custom Hotkeys with Right-Click

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip I show you how to add custom hotkeys for tools by right-clicking on the menu entry. Using this technique will automatically add the hotkey entry and allow you to modify it further if you wish.

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22 Responses to “Tip: Adding Custom Hotkeys with Right-Click”
  1. Posts: 10
    Aditia says:

    long time Jonathan…hehehe, busy preparing Vehicle Series I think…anyway very handy tips there..thanks. And keep productive as always mate :)

  2. Posts: 11
    Steve Lynch says:

    Thats a great tip. And thanks for showing me how to get the operator panel back too.

  3. Posts: 9
    PLyczkowski says:

    Pity it only works for some buttons, for instance it does not work on vertex/edge/face select modes :(

      • Posts: 9
        PLyczkowski says:

        It SEEMS to set the shortcut that way, but later such shortcut actually does not work, at least on my build (2.56.6). But you did a tut on that particular problem in the past, so no problem.

  4. Posts: 3
    haseeb ahmed says:

    Q. i want to assign shortcut key to vertex / edge / face relatively ctrl 1 /2/3, instead of subdivide modifier. i have this urge from last year, i can’t sort this out. if you can help, it would be huge favor….thanks in advance

  5. Posts: 4
    s. fröhlich says:

    super usefull tip, that will increase my workflow a lot – thx again :)

  6. Posts: 9
    SeriousM says:

    Thanks for the hint!

    And thank you very much for the display of LoopTools.
    This addon is very helpful :)

  7. Posts: 4
    Passerby says:

    the really nice thing about this is the other uses for it.

    the parameters for the tool are tied to each key command so this allows you to have say multiple subdivide commands that each subdivide by different amounts.

  8. Posts: 7
    John Faurbo says:

    Great tip… but is there a reference for all the default shortcut keys. I would hate to create a conflict.

    • Posts: 1
      saiming says:

      Yeah, what hapens if you repeat a default comand????

      • Posts: 4
        Nik says:

        Yes, it’s too bad that Blender doesn’t have a conflict checker for keymaps (yet), it’s still on the Wiki ToDo.

  9. Posts: 83
    Glen Sumner says:

    Hi can’t get a shortcut for add sticky and remove sticky for camera mapping.. any ideas?

  10. Posts: 47
    Guest Guest says:

    Johnathan, does this work if the key is already assigned or does it create issues?

  11. Posts: 1
    Adam says:

    I was excited to try this for Weld in the UV menu while setting up my UV map. I couldn’t right click on that option. Is there a way to add shortcuts for menu items like Weld?

  12. Posts: 2
    ceropecero says:

    Thanks a lot! freaking handy tip! 😀

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