Fresh Batch of Cookies

Welcome to a Monday! Here is another fresh batch of 2D/3D hotness across the interweb fresh out of the oven. This is not software specific, but meant to serve as an inspiration to the rest of us. Every week or So we are going to try and post a “batch” of things that catches our eye. We are all about promoting the underdog, or unknown so if you have a portfolio or know of somebody that deserves some attention let us know. contact form

Give these guys some attention, hire them for gigs and see you on the next batch.

David Fleet

David Fleet

Josh Singh

Josh Singh

Chun Lo


Pedro Conti


Tiago Hoisel



Hope you enjoyed this weeks Fresh Batch of Artists. If you know of an artist you think deserves some attention please let us know.

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14 Responses to “Fresh Batch of Cookies”
  1. Posts: 50
    Reynante Martinez says:

    Fantastic choices as usual! Very inspiring artists indeed. 😉


  2. Posts: 55
    AE says:

    I love the David Fleet and Chun Lo, can’t really say the same about the others, no offense intended. Just not my style.

      • Posts: 2
        Mars says:

        Chun Lo is EPIC! I love how she implys transparency in her monsters.

  3. Posts: 2
    ChocoboMaster says:

    Wow, todays pictures are so beautiful!

  4. Posts: 38

    Well, I wouldn’t rate an artist just based on one picture. These pictures are just a small sample of their work, and I know I would hate to hear criticism based on only a sample. Go to the links and check them out. I think they all are good artists.

    And I just LOVE this idea of “Fresh Batch of Cookies,” guys! I’ve thought it was a good idea from the start. And I think you pick some good batches.

  5. Posts: 4
    Kev says:

    Gotts say I think Josh Singh’s work in particular is fantastic.

  6. Posts: 14
    thorcane says:

    I believe ending with half naked people parachuting deserves some questioning, but given excellent quality I think we can let that pass.

  7. Posts: 228

    Neat stuff. I checked out all the links and I’ve got to say that I’m blown away by Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel. These aren’t their best work by far in my opinion. Pedro’s ‘little boy’ looks almost like a real toy and I would love to see Tiago tut on how to paint skin textures. I hope more people recognize the hilarity in the ‘boyhood bathroom fantasy’ too. lol

  8. Posts: 11
    YoungApprentice says:

    Chun Lo = awesome

  9. Posts: 1
    David Fleet says:

    Wow! Thanks for considering my work as a fresh cookie. Very kind indeed.

    • Posts: 564
      Wes Burke says:

      Welcome David! Hope it drives a bit your way. :) Thanks for some inspiring work!

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