Tip: Introduction to the Outliner

In this quick video tip for Blender 2.5 we give an introduction to using Blender’s Outliner window to keep track of your scene. The Outliner provides a great way to view all the objects in your scene and ways to filter down the list in the case you have lots of objects in the scene.

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10 Responses to “Tip: Introduction to the Outliner”
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    Anderson says:

    Nice tips there, Jonathan!

    Another useful thing from the outliner is renaming objects by Ctrl + clicking them.

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    touchwood says:

    Never really explored the outliner other than the basics, never realised so much could be done with it. A very useful tip indeed.

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    Wow! A really nice breakdown. I thought I was pretty familiar with the outliner but I learned a couple new things.

    “Select by type”, and “by group” looks really useful and being able to see “keys maps” from within the outliner is something I had no idea about.

    thanks Johnathon!

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    Terry Wallwork says:

    Nice video, first time I have seen anyone even attempt to do a run down of what the outliner is able to do.

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    sebastian_k says:

    Hey, nice tutorial!
    Little correction though:
    You actually CAN do something with the libraries in the outliner!
    When you CTRL-click on a name in the outliner you can change the name.
    Now, when you CTRL-click on the path in the libraries, you can change the path. When you then save the file and reload, it will get it’s data from the new path.
    Useful when you want to change some libraries… 😉

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    PLyczkowski says:

    Thanks, nice breakdown.

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    dagobert says:

    My main trouble with the outliner is to find something with the search function.
    Because if you got an armature you can t type the name of the bone you want to show up. If you got the solution? or a workaround to select a bone in a hierarchie?

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    John Vogel says:

    Very helpful. The outliner is far more useful than I had perceived.

    I liked your “be careful, because you can break it” note when you were discussing KeyMaps. Appropriate.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for tutorial. I was interested in grouping objects, lamps, cameras, etc.

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