Tip: Using the Simple Deform Modifier

In this quick video tip for Blender 2.5 we take a look at how to use the Simple Deform modifier for adding twists, bends, tapers, or stretching to a model. The modifier does not offer too much control but in the right situation it can be very handle.

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42 Responses to “Tip: Using the Simple Deform Modifier”
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    alex says:

    @ Beau, just shift select the tow object you have parented and press alt P to unparent them.

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    Alex says:

    This is a great modifier to creat Iron Man 😀

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    Thanks Jonathan!

    I love this aspect to Blender Cookie. The long tutorials are great, but I also love these short ones that highlight a tool or function I rarely or never use.

    This is important because Blender is so rich with features that it is hard to know all the tools available to you, and when you are doing production you tend to use what you know. This helps deepen your skill and make you a better Blender artist.

    It also helps that they are short. I can usually find 10 minutes or so to watch one of these where the longer ones are a big commitment and so I do them less often.

    I look forward to more!

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    chris says:

    how did u get the sphere to be so smooth? when i do it, it does not come out smooth like that.

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    Ihaaa says:

    I’ve got a question im new and i don’t knowe how to do this strapes on this ball can you give me some advice ?

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      Hi Ihaaa,

      The stripes are made by going into Face Select mode with CTRL + Tab, selecting the faces that make up the stripes on the original sphere, extruding them by pressing E and then immediately after extruding pressing ALT + S to scale them in along their normals. After this is done you can use the Loop Cut tool with CTRL + R to add extra loops, sharpening up the edges.

      I hope that helps!


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    eemm sorry, im new to all of this of Blender, and i like to know how do i can make a head, i dont know if there is another tutorial but, if you tell me or anything like that, would awesome friend, Greetings

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    Denis S says:

    How do i get this UV Sphere so smooth? I dont find that option…

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