News: 1 Million Views… Lets give away things!

Update: Thank you all for the comments and support! The response has been absolutely incredible. Congratulations to the following winners!

– David, Lee B, Spirou4D, Jesse Smith, Brian, Attila, Tim, Moejo, Andy and Ickathu

With the start of the new year and the help of trigger happy clicking, Blender cookie has just passed the one million pageview mark for this month!. One million! This is a wild number to fathom and truly humbling to think that the site is getting this many views. So Thank you! We are shocked and happy to say the least… I mean this is almost  0.0003846% of Facebooksmonthly traffic!!


In fact, we are so excited to hit this milestone we are giving away 10 copies of our new Vehicle Training series! Essentially we are giving away one copy for every 100k views!

How do I enter to win one of these 10 copies?

Simple, just comment on this post and you are entered! On Friday, March 4th at 5pm CST we will stop the clock and pull 10 random winners from the comments on this post. Winners will be announced on the following Monday. In the case you have already pre-ordered the series we will happily refund you for the cost or, if you prefer, give you a copy of our 2010 Training Series.


What’s been going on with the Vehicle Training Production?

The vehicle training production is moving along and it’s going to be awesome! Jonathan has just finished recording chapter 3 and is starting in on chapter 4; which is going to be a really gritty one, there’s a ton of detail! In fact, there is so much detail that it is looking like we far undershot our estimate on the total training time. We originally estimated around 8-10 hours of modeling time, it could be as high as 15-18 hours now. Some of you may see this as good news or bad news, but either way what it means is that this series is truly going to be epic. Our original statement that no other Blender Cookie tutorial has been this detail is proving to be spot on. For those of you really craving some hardcore, detailed modeling instruction you are going to get just that!

We wanted to take this time to also send you a few updated screenshots that showcase some of the current progress. We will also be posting a new turn-around video for chapter 3 sometime in the next few days so you can look forward to that.

Lastly thank you all again for hanging in with us and providing your support. Best of luck to everyone that comments and high-fives all around for this incredible milestone!

Update:Thank you all for the comments and support! The response has been absolutely incredible. We will take the next couple days to read through all the comments and then pick ten winners at random. The winners will be announced on Monday.