Lighting Exercise – Bust

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we go through a bit of a lighting exercise by lighting a bust. Using slight variations to a single light rig we are able to achieve three completely different feels to the image. This tutorial covers the use of area lights and the use of three point lighting setups.

Ben Simonds excellent lighting tutorial:

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17 Responses to “Lighting Exercise – Bust”
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    Max Berends says:

    I think I say this some weeks ago in a text-tutorial on the web, but I idn’t have a clue, but now with this videotutorial it finally is clear thanks mate!

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    That’s an awesome lighting video. Lighting is one of the most important things in 3D. Also, I have seen a few things that have been done by Ben Simonds back when I was experimenting with Matcap in blender :)

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    agentmilo says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t call this a true 3 point Light setup. You’re right to an extent, but you didn’t talk about rim lights. I’m not sure, but there used to be an article using Blender on 3-point lights. I forgot who did it.

    Plus, one of the lights would be bit more ‘behind’ the model than around 90 degrees on the right/left. I’m no expert, but I’ve seen it in quite a lot of places.

    Eitherway, pretty informative. Thanks John!

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    M@t says:

    @Milad Thaha Actually the link to that tutorial is at the top of this one, its what this one is based on (I think).

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    Christopher Wright says:

    Hey I know this has nothing to do with this tutorial, but could blendercookie make a tutorial on how to use voodoo or character mocap in blender? It would be great. :)

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    tjmnut says:

    i noticed in the balloons tutorial (i think) you said something about the screen capture software you were using was a render hog on a mac. there is a free screen capture on mac, that doesn’t take up to much hard drive. all you have to to is go to quicktime player, file, new screen recording, and there should be a thing in the top right hand corner, saying stop. hope this helps!

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    greg says:

    More blender lighting information is good information, thanks.
    the link is also excellent by the way, cheers.

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    theghostdog says:

    Great overview over lighting! thanks a lot.

    Always great to be reminded and inspired to play around with lights in 3D and study the behavior.

    A really like how professional the tutorials are done here at blendercookie.

    keep the good work coming!

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    yankomeister says:

    Thanks master, and thanks comunity. Very intereting and usefull tips and links. Keep Blending!

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    Max Berends says:

    I’m working on a project in which a spotlight shines trough the window of a dungeon/cellar/jail thing, and it needs one of those halo lightbeams in it, you know, one that is created from the light bouncing of particles in the air.
    but when using the halo option on the sportlight itself it shines not only through the window but also through the wall itself, I can’t figure out how to make this work. any adivice?
    Thanks allready, max

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    John says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble locating the normal map associated with this tutorial. From within Blender Textures, I open this dir but there is nothing there, “C:\Blend Files\Blender for Dummies Sculpt\blender_for_dummies_sculpt_normal.png”. I’m using Blender 2.7, on Win 8. Please, Can someone give a link to the file?

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