Fresh Batch of Cookies

Here is another fresh batch of 3D hotness across the interweb fresh out of the oven. This is not software specific, but meant to serve as an inspiration to the rest of us. Every week or So we are going to try and post a “batch” of things that catches our eye. We are all about promoting the underdog, or unknown so if you have a portfolio or know of somebody that deserves some attention let us know. contact form

Give these guys some attention, hire them for gigs and see you on the next batch.

Katie De Sousa


Jason Chan


Andrius Balciunas


Stephan A. Mcgowan


Angela Guenette

Youtube Portfolio


Hope you enjoyed this weeks Fresh Batch of Artists. If you know of an artist you think deserves some attention please let us know.

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16 Responses to “Fresh Batch of Cookies”
  1. Posts: 16

    Awesome stuff! Katie’s illustration (the red eyed girl) is wonderfully expressive!

  2. Posts: 56
    James F says:

    Wow, kickass cookies this week! Really awesome

  3. Posts: 13
    tjmnut says:

    reminds me of the vampire craze going on

  4. Posts: 5

    The first one reminds me of the Human Centipede, that movie was disgusting. Other than that I think they are all really good Andrius Balciunas’ really stood out to me. 😀

    • Posts: 2
      Pete Norris says:

      Fantastic stuff although has Katie’s masterpiece used any 3D software? She says on her site she only uses zBrush from time to time, so I suspect this is a photoshop/painter creation. perhaps someone out there could confirm?

      • Posts: 13
        Christopher Wright says:

        Yeah dude, it looks like there was no 3d software in that. cool picture anyways! 😀

  5. Posts: 9
    Coen Spoor says:

    Angela!! :) Always nice to see here stuff :)

  6. Posts: 1
    sahilsk says:

    my goodness.so realistic that i can even smell the fresh blood on her fingers.

  7. Posts: 38

    Good batch! They’re all well illustrated. I especially like the lighting of Jason and Stephen’s works respectively–good subtle usage of painted SSS.

  8. Posts: 3
    Luc Choquette says:

    Angela Guenette est simplement géniale ! … :-)

  9. Posts: 55
    AE says:

    Sort of disturbing, not my favorite batch.

  10. Posts: 66
    Moolah says:

    Andrius Balciunas does really excelent art! Somewhere it’s “too crystal” but his feeling of harmony is astonishing!

  11. Posts: 66
    Moolah says:

    Oh, Angela Guenette does really excelent too! :) Just forgot to mention.

  12. Posts: 264

    I’m working on a zombie girl portrait so these will be helpful to study. Mine is no where near as good though. lol

  13. Posts: 21
    Andreas Bjorkman says:


    really inspiring stuff! ME LIKE!

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