Tip: Easy LuxRender Install

In this quick video tip for Blender 2.5 and LuxRender we take a look at how to easily install the latest version of Blender 2.5, LuxBlend and LuxRender. The method shown is much easier than the manual process shown previously in our Introduction to LuxRender tutorial and should solve problems with getting LuxRender to work for many people.

Previous Introduction to LuxRender: http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/11/11/introduction-to-luxrender-in-blender-2-5/

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    Annonymous says:
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    has anyone come across an issue where luxrender consistantly aborts in the middle of exporting the model? (usually occurs at around 87% completion). Since attempting this install neither luxren nore the blender internal renderer can complete the render process.I am wondering if it is the install or perhaps a problem with my model somehow….. any ideas? Oh and yes I have already tried a complete reinstall…… heh heh

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      I have not seen this before…

      Which version of Blender and LuxRender are using? If you haven’t already I would recommend getting the latest SVN of Blender, 0.8 RC2 of LuxRender and the latest LuxBlend.


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    Jason F. says:

    As a Mac user I will concede that some of the tutorials don’t translate across exactly (mostly keystroke stuff) but they are fairly few things so far I’ve noticed. I also disagree Macs are for people who don’t know how to use computers =)

    At any rate, I’m not seeing a Mac version of the program on that site, which includes all the add-ons. I found one, but it doesn’t list which add-ons come with it, so I’m not going to download it just yet. If you do know of a specific link, let me know. Thanks!


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    Tried both tutorials on getting luxrender working and when I try rendering the default cube to test, all I get is a blank screen; pasted the console output below:

    found bundled python: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.60\python
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:42] Using pylux version 0.8
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] INFO: Creating LuxRender context
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] INFO: Exporting render settings
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] INFO: Exporting geometry
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] Binary PLY file written: C:\/untitled/Scene/00001/Cub
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] INFO: Exporting lights
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] INFO: Export finished
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] Wrote scene files
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] C://untitled.Scene.00001.lxs
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] untitled/Scene/00001/LuxRender-Materials.lxm
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] untitled/Scene/00001/LuxRender-Geometry.lxo
    [Lux 2011-Dec-07 11:53:51] untitled/Scene/00001/LuxRender-Volumes.lxv

    LusRender is installed; it is enabled in addons and I have changed rendering from BlenderRendering to LuxRender. The path points to(64bit): ‘C:\Program Files\LuxRender’ and I have copied ‘luxrender’ folder.

    Completely puzzled…


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    Ian B says:

    I am having the same problem as writer’s block. I have luxrender installed into blender and when i try to get it to render while using the lux render engine, all i get is a black screen. I couldn’t find anything on graphicall.org for macs that had all the add-ons and what not. What do you suggest I do Jonathan?

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    tikfiz says:

    Can I install LuxRender in blender 2.63?

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