Tip: Using the Lattice Modifier

In this quick video tip for Blender 2.5 we take a look at how to use the lattice modifier. This modifier is very useful for modifying the shape of an existing object while leaving the mesh intact.

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    peter says:

    i find the tutorial totally distracting goes from point a to jupiter ( talks about modeling a house–) then come back to how to use it but now confused as cannot concentrate–is he talking about the house? now comes back to point b–i so far with 2 other people trying to follow this for over 1 hour have made no progress. suggest go from point a to b to to d etc–forget about what you can do with it, we want to use it–i know what it can do now i want to use it–will give it 3 more attempts then move on

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      Hi Peter,

      I’m sorry for any confusion I may have caused in the tutorial. Here is a quick step-by-step on how to use the lattice modifier:

      1. Select model you wish to deform and center 3D cursor on the object by pressing shift + S > Cursor to Selection
      2. Add a lattice modifier to that object
      3. Add a new lattice object to your scene by pressing shift + B from the viewport; adjust lattice if needed to fit original model.
      4. Reselect the original model and choose the Lattice from the “Object” field in the lattice modifier panel.
      5. Select the lattice, enter Edit mode with tab and move the vertices at will to deform original model.

      I hope that helps!


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    Terry says:

    Johnathon, Nice tutorial, and I appreciate how much work you’ve put into all of these. But as a 2-day old newbie, I found this particular one (like so many) frustrating.

    In edit mode, after adding the lattice, I see you click and drag your mouse to select vertices with a square dotted box. Wow, magic! No combination of Shift, Alt, Control, LMB, RMB, MMB gets that same action. (Yes, Ctrl+Click gets a dotted selector, but it ain’t square). So, yeah, I got the vertices selected.

    Then I witness you clicking and dragging, and the lattice does neat things, like a smooth snake dance. Sorry, magic yet again – I can’t seem to duplicate it.

    So, if there are prerequisites to setting-up options in my Blender to match your Blender, or there are super-secret handshakes I’m supposed to purchase first, it would be nice if you’d list them somewhere. Example: “Preq’s: Watch Video’s 1, 5-7 and read this post.”

    Otherwise, I’m left lost, frustrated, and wanting. Again, I KNOW how much effort you’ve spent. Too bad it was waisted on me.

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      dannykneip says:

      Hey Terry,

      To box select some vertices, in edit mode hit the B key, hold down left mouse button and drag to select. To select all of the vertices with one click, just hit A key. :)

      I think I wrote that correctly.

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    dannykneip says:

    I also want to add something I discovered today(for anyone reading this far into comments) which is you can apply shape keys to the lattice! When I’m creating eyeballs for characters, I can lattice deform the eyeball and then shape key my way through a series of different expressions for the eye (sad, angry, surprised) like they do with Pixar characters. Pretty neat trick!

    Anyway, thanks for the basics on this lattice modifier, Jonathan!

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    Omri says:


    I hope you’re still checking on tips and videos you’ve created in the past.

    Even though I’ve gone through all the comments, including the replies to the FAQ, I’m still unable to succeed in making the Mesh responde to the Lattice.

    I have a Lattice and a Tubed Mesh; The Mesh being smaller and inside the Lattice.
    I’ve even typed “Lattice” in the “Object” after marking the Mesh.
    Why are they not `one`? I’m doing the same as the video despite the different interface. Is having a slightly newer Blender version making this effect, or am I doing something wrong despite following everything that’s been mentioned so far?

    Your help will be appreciated.
    The Frustrated Omri.

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    tdgrim says:

    This is very frustrating. I’m doing something wrong.

    I’ve followed your tutorial, and the tutorial of others around the Internet, and for something this basic, they all say the same thing.

    I create a cylinder.
    I hit Ctrl+R in edit mode on the cylinder and give scroll up, to give it some more manipulation points.
    I create a lattice. I give it some more U, V, and W.

    I’ve tried changing my lattice name to other things, thinking that maybe Lattice as the default name is causing problems, but no matter what I name it, and then link my cylinder to, the cylinder simply will not follow the manipulation of the lattice, whether it’s basic-full object manipulation (of the lattice) or more specific control in edit mode.

    I’ve reset my Blender 2.61 to factory settings, thinking that, in my nubbery, I have changed an important setting. The result is the same. I will keep at it, but I am very confused as to what the problem is.

    If it means anything: If I set the cylinder’s parent to the lattice, the cylinder will follow the lattice’s basic full object manipulation, although not manipulation in Edit Mode.

    In each attempt, I’ve also tried rendering to see if I’ve done something that is causing this not to appear in edit mode. No bueno.

    Thanks to anyone who can provide some insight into what I’m doing wrong.

    Thanks Jonathan, your tutorials are very good and easy to follow. Many other sites and tutorials have the host assuming so many things about what the user knows and using a lot of keyboard shortcuts without identifying how they got there.

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      tdgrim says:


      I uninstalled the program (and configuration settings) and reinstalled (the same version, 2.61) and created a lattice and cube, from memory of the several videos I’ve watched and it worked.

      It’s not likely that the installation, or a file, was corrupt but simply that I made a change to something in an errant keypress, I guess, that stopped lattices from working.

      Oh well, I can’t be the only one to ever have this happen, maybe this comment will help someone else.


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    Jigar Jani says:

    I wanted to know how I can add shirt geometry to the Norman rig. In Maya I would use a wrap deformer and that usually just works fine. Is there an equivalent in Blender ?

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    Amine says:


    Can i edit/change modifiers after apply?


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        Amine says:

        I liked undo after save and close the file :)

        Thank you @Jonathan,

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    Mike says:

    After creating the lattice, resizing, etc., I selected the object and then selected Lattice under Add Modifier. In the Object field, I selected Lattice, but it just didn’t work. I even tried reinstalling Blender, but every time the lattice is independent from the object. In edit mode, you can’t even select the vertices of the lattice with the box method or by any other method.

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      Mike says:

      I finally figured it out. The lattice has to be selected before entering in editing mode. After rewatching the video, it looks like you did that without mentioning it.

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    mralves says:

    Why my lattice object don’t appears in green?

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    Everytime I search something in Google to see how exactly has to be used, the Cookie Guys come to rescue me..

    Thanks for everything! 😀

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