Tip: Using the Wave Modifier

In this quick video tip for Blender 2.5 we take a look at how to use the wave modifier for creating some quick and easy effects. This tutorial covers all the main settings of the Wave modifier, including changing the emit position, adjusting intensity and even using a texture to fade out the waves.

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44 Responses to “Tip: Using the Wave Modifier”
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    Maciek Smuga says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m a blender newbie, but after stumbling across your tutorials this last month, I’ve been able to scramble up the first (worst?) part of the learning curve.


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    god says:

    you have a monitor win a res of 1920×1080
    you have a desktop computer with a single monitor

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    Matt says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Awesome tutorial as always! I have been having a pretty significant issue however. I am currently using 2.56, each time I finish a scene and attempt to render and save to a file that isnt the default tmp, nothing happens. I select a path in the render tab that I believe should work but nothing ever appears in the folder I select. Is there something Im missing or not doing properly?!?



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    Drew Vaughn says:

    Hey, I’m using 2.6 and I’m attempting to apply a wave as a shape… Its not working,the plane keeps going flat again. HELP!

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    Samuel Cape says:

    Very cool! I did figure out that the ‘Falloff’ parameter can be used instead of the texture for the damping out of the waves as you get farther from the center. I do like the control afforded by the texture method though.

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    Cleven Jeffery says:

    I am a blender newbie and I was looking at your wave modifier presentation in the Blender Cookie tutorial. If you crank up the amount of the Falloff only and animate it, then I think you might get the result of it. Thanks! Cleven.

    P.S. I don’t know whether someone sent you the same answer to your question about the Falloff in the wave modifier or not. Cleven.

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