Announcement: New Training Series – Vehicle Modeling Series

Jonathan is back with another official training series for the Blender Community. Last year Jonathan took on the task of creating the 2010 Blender Training Series which ran through the ins and outs of the new Blender 2.5 release. This contained over 23hours of education video lessons.

This time around we have based this series on another fantastic concept from David Revoy. This series is set out to provide an in-depth look at an intense modeling work flow of a Sci-Fi vehicle. The amount of detail we will be modeling is both intimidating and exciting! If you take a look at the couple preview images below you will see what I mean on what we will be taking on.

The series will be available for regular purchase just soon as the production is complete. We cannot give a definitive timeline on this just yet but we are shooting for a final release sometime toward the end of February 2011. In the mean-time we have opened up for pre-orders for the early birds out there.

No tutorial on Blender Cookie has ever reached this amount of detail, well we think anyways. 😉 But enough talk on this,  we have prepared it’s very own page full of much more information and eye candy.



In this series we are taking an exclusive look at modeling only, thus we will be going for more in depth than usual.





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58 Responses to “Announcement: New Training Series – Vehicle Modeling Series”
  1. Posts: 1
    Gigante says:

    It’s done ! I’ve pre-ordered ! When will it be released ? I can’t wait !

  2. Posts: 246
    verticies says:

    I just ordered, can’t wait. Already looking forward to part2, materials and textures.

  3. Posts: 1
    yashy says:

    Supper cool +++ … Thanks CG cookie for all the thing that u have been teaching kids like us..I wonder how to can I pay u back for all your help in my life… LOL

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