Modeling a Human Head Basemesh

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial you are shown how to model a human head basemesh that can easily be used as a starting point for sculpting. This tutorial demonstrates the modeling process, discusses the topology and then showcases the end result of using just such a basemesh for sculpting.

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    Great tutorial. I learned a few new things here. One is hotkey “o” for Proportional Editing Tool. With Proportional Editing switched on, “g” is interesting. I just discovered a while ago that after pressing “g”, the size of circle can be determined by the turning of mouse wheel. Very interesting. Folks, check out the mouse wheel for “g” grab mode.

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      The proportional editing tool is fantastic for making “soft” changes to a model. It’s particularly good for adjusting proportions and such.

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      damren says:

      oh that’s it thanks a LOT really need that info

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    vies says:

    When I go to add the multiresolution modifier, hitting subdivide causes a ridge to appear down the center of the shape. I tried using mirror both when it was recommended in this video, and before starting the shaping(after adding the initial subdivide at the beginning). What would be causing this?

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      Annonymous says:
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      richard w says:

      Jonathan makes use of Proportional Editing (O-key) in this video. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the size of the influence.

      Does that help?

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    2wheels says:

    I have been following your tutorial exactly up until the loop-cut action. I am not able to do the loop-cut on my model. For some reason, Blender does not show the available ring around the neck area as you show in your tutorial. Please help.

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      Annonymous says:
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      richard w says:

      The loop-cut guide line will only show up on quads; polygons with 4 vertices and edges. Make sure that the faces where you want to cut only have 4 vertices; the tool will still work on faces with more or less, but the guide line won’t be visible.

      If everything looks like quads and it’s not working, you can try selecting everything (A-key) and removing doubles (W-key).

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    I really liked. When I make commercial projects, I will use this technique.

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      Annonymous says:
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    iqau says:

    I have finished the head and was doing the multidiv modification part, but noticed an area on the neck wedging out. I’ve tried numerously trying to fix it, though it still doesn’t work.

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    vibhorkk says:

    namaste (hello),sir Jonathan Williamson, i saw many of your tutorials and they have been really very helpful to me .thanks a lot for that

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    dokgu says:

    Nice tutorial here Jonathan. My path to 3D modeling has been great so far!

    1. Install Blender (check)
    2. Blender Basics (check)
    3. Human Base Mesh (in progress)

    I am so gonna try this. Thanks a lot!

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    stroggcmd says:

    Very useful tutorial. Up until now I’ve had a lot of trouble getting a head basemesh I was satisfied with. I also discovered the proportional editing tool in the process, which is awesome for organic modelling. Thanks for making this Mr. Williamson!

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    eman blender says:

    Hi sir Jonathan Williamson (key- G)does not work the same as in the video and I do not know what to do. Can you help me?

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      richard w says:

      Hi Eman,
      Make sure proportional editing is enabled. You can use the O-key to enable it. This will cause transforms (grab, scale and rotate) to affect vertices within a specified distance of the current selection.

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    damren says:

    hey I was wondering I am a new user and i was wondering how you decreased the influence of the grab I need help.

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