Lightbulb Revisit – Energy Saving!

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we go back to a topic we covered in the Blender 2.49 days; a lightbulb. This time around we are a bit more green conscious and model a energy saving, compact-fluorescent light bulb.

Past light-bulb tutorial

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48 Responses to “Lightbulb Revisit – Energy Saving!”
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    tkroo says:

    Very nice tutorial. I’d suggest using the BoltFactory add-on as another method to create the threads at the bottom of the bulb. It does all the work of merging the threads to the cylinder for you.

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    Merlin. says:

    Good workflow. Don’t forget the “zoom to selection”view option with numpad”.”after shift+C. bye.

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    shazaklar says:

    man I’m having nothing but problems with that bottom screw! when I did the screw it was all screwed up instead of looking like that it was up and down and flat, well I got that fixed by changing the object thing but then when I did the measure it wasn’t the same as yours but I put in what mine had said but it only moved it a tiny bit! instead of being the .1208 that mine said, 2.67 was the closest I could get it up and down! now when I go to join the 2 objects, the bottom screw disappears but the top piece stays! when I added the 6 sided circle and rotated it it didn’t come up as straight up and down like yours did, it was rotated a bit for some stupid reason, so I rotated so it would be straight idk if that had anything to do with it or not..

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      Hey, if this is helpful to anyone: screw modifier reacts differently if you have scaled your object. That is, if you scaled the circle down, the screw modifier will ‘scale’ the screw value. So you can either change the radius while creating the circle instead of scaling, or multiply the screw value by the inverse of the scale. I’m not sure the second idea will work though.

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    Freez says:

    Wow…It’s just…AMAZING! Thank you very much!

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    Josh Chernoff says:

    You keep using s to rotate, is that a better way then r + axis + 180 vs s + axis -1

    example when you worked on the top of the light you had to add an extra step cause you rotated it but then you needed to flip it and r+z+180 did it all at once for me.

    Not trying to talk badly just trying to understand as I’m very much new to blender.

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    zanyman says:

    Thanks very much for the tutorial. After quite a bit of trial and error, I was able to punch in holes for the bulb into the holder. I used a 12-vertex circle mesh and shrinkwrapped it onto the holder. If it helps, here’re screenies of how it looks now:


    The mesh could be better, I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

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      That looks quite good! Nice work. I always like to see users take the result further than the tutorial :)


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    shazaklar says:

    I’m trying to make a screw coil thing for the inside of a vending machine and I remembered this video, so a I came on here to figure out how to do it, well I did it the same way you did but the screw didn’t go around in the circle, it just created a circle that followed right around the circle! I don’t know if you know what I mean but I can’t get it go in the screw like that it’s just acting really stupid!

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      tdgrim says:

      For anyone else having this trouble with the screw modifier (Definitely Screw Modifier, not Spin Tool), the problem is that the Circle’s Origin must be aligned to the 3D Cursor.

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        beetle says:

        Yes. Make sure you scale/move the circle in edit mode. If you are in object mode the screw won’t come out the way the tutorial shows.

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    ranx says:

    @ shane having same issue how you fix it

    nice tut learning a lot as a noob

  9. Posts: 2
    ranx says:

    never mind I just figured it out

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    Mike Dalton says:

    Starting at 20:30, the tutorial becomes a lesson in frustration for me. Click this, now this, then here. This section could have used a LOT of explaining WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Currently, it’s very much like you’re telling people how to do something they’ve done 1,000 times already. I seriously doubt that anyone (even the best Blender folks in the world) could follow that section of the video without watching it many, many times.
    That being said, I am very thankful for this free tutorial. Even though the explanation is almost non-existent, I can’t complain for something that does give great information if one is willing to go back 15-20 times on each part. So, I am very thankful for your efforts.

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    Felix says:

    Hey Jonathan ! I’m having trouble when it comes to making to bottom of the lightbulb,
    I didn’t get what to do when we needed to merge the vertexes together, could someone explain that to me ? Thank you so much !

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    Felix says:

    i meant snap :S not merge

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    When I add the screw modifier, it’s a spiral that goes straight forward on the Y axis. I am using 2.66. Playing around with the settings i could make a decent bolt but it will not work for the glass spiral that holds the filament. What has gone wrong?

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