Tip: Addon – Import Images as Planes

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tutorial we showcase another addon that is bundled with Blender 2.55. The Import Images as Planes addon allows us to import images into Blender and automatically assign them to the UV channel of mesh planes with the correct aspect ratio.

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39 Responses to “Tip: Addon – Import Images as Planes”
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    trimondi says:

    interesting and useful tutorial

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    Renzo Wolf says:

    When I try this with pixel art, such as a 9×9 psd file, it blurs the image a ton, how can I fix this problem?

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    Scott Hill says:

    I created multilayer image in Inkscape, saved it as a .svg and now I’m trying to import it into Blender. I’ve tried to use the Import Image as Plane technique but when it is displayed on the grid, it is extremely small. Do you know why my plane is so small?

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      Metalix says:

      because that is how it is imported, you can just scale it up.

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    Mart says:

    Hi thanks for this tutorial, makes things a lot easier.
    Is it possible however to import e.g. a png or gif with a transparent background? I’d like to add a logo to an object, but without the white background. When I remove the background in Photoshop, it shows up black in Blender. Thanks!

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      awa says:

      I’m having trouble with the transparency too. Did you ever figure it out?

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    eduardotusa says:

    This tutorial is very good! Thank You very much :) However, I have some issues with my application.
    After inserting the image over the plane in Blender, I export it as .3ds file. I need to use this picture in a simulator called UWSim (http://www.irs.uji.es/uwsim/), which can insert objects that have the .3ds format. In this way, the image is placed as an object of the scene in the simulation.
    However, the image is not displayed over the plane, which is inserted in the scene. I was wondering if this task is possible, or I am missing some intermediate steps.
    I will really appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance,

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      Hi there,

      If the image is not displaying in your simulator then most likely it just can’t find the image file. You should be able to relink the image file from the simulator somehow.

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    Thanks for the great tutorial, but for some reason I cannot see the image when I import it. I repeated the process multiple times and can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’m using Blender 2.66.1 and am fairly new to using Blender/3D Modelling programs. Any help is much appreciated.

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      Nevermind, it worked but my photo was so small I couldn’t see it. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time. These tutorials are great btw, thanks!

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    kathmeejee says:

    Okay, I feel really dumb, I added the option to import images as planes, and I still can’t import an image. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

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      Are the images failing to import? Are they not being added to the 3D View? Do you not have an Import option?

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