Introduction to Octane Renderer

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we provide an introduction to Octane Renderer from Refractive Software. Octane is a GPU based rendering engine that provides a much more interactive workflow to the rendering process. This tutorial covers the basics of exporting from Blender, setting up materials, using the built-in lighting system and more.

Octane can be purchased from

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32 Responses to “Introduction to Octane Renderer”
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    Kevin says:

    Do you think Octane Render is better then LuxRender?

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    Hey Jonathan,

    As you can see I’m am in search of good rendering alternatives 😉

    So I have Octane (demo version for now) and I have 2.56a – but all my export option have gone away. The only one I have is export LuxRender Scene – I tried unselecting Lux from my add-ons but still it is the only option I have under export for any of my files (even new projects)

    Any suggestions?


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    neil isted says:

    @21:08 (video timeline)..

    And now lets look at the material setting in LuxRender!!! ROTFLAO…one for the bloopers reel I guess 😛

    Seriously though, Thank you so much for shedding some light on the bits I did not understand. I have used LuxRender but prefer Cycles but have started to play about with Octane Render as I have had it over a year and done NOTHING with it until now 😛

    Having great fun and your video helps a lot, thank you :)

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