Creating Volumetric Clouds

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we create easy volumetric clouds by using the Cloud Generator addon. This addon allows us to create clouds effortlessly without having to worry about the materials or particle systems.

Goes great with the “Creating Balloons Tutorial

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    Hubert says:

    Hi, nice tutorial, thanks Jonathan for it. However I have the same problem as Kevin – shadows generated by clouds are the shadows of the underlying geometry that was used to create it (ie. solid cubes).

    I played with the render settings and material settings and what not, but I couldn’t turn them into soft, cloudy shadows that they really should have. Any ideas?

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      Hi Hubert, could you send me a screenshot of your material and render settings? Then I can try and help you out.


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      Since the fix wasn’t ever added:

      to explain it better, imagine a cube that is turned into a cloud and a shadow projected onto a plane beneath the cloud cube.

      you have to click the plane
      go to materials
      under shadow: make sure Receive and Receive Transparent are both checked

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    lareieli says:

    Just a suggestion for others that like this add on: I’m finding that meta balls connected together in a zig zag configuration and gently stretched apart here and there will rapidly make some nice cloud shapes without all of the tweaking required of the cube.

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    hey jonathan great job.
    i see that you have a very fast computer :)
    may i ask “wich processor is it??”


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