Setting up an Animation with Motion Blur and MOV export.

In this Blender animation video tutorial we quickly set up a scene using the old Alien we made, then I show you a simple way to get motion blur into your videos (or still shots too) by using the Vector Blur filter within the Node Editor. I then go over the process of rendering out a video clip to a Quicktime MOV file.

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27 Responses to “Setting up an Animation with Motion Blur and MOV export.”
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    Nixon says:

    Great tutorial once again:) I enjoy every new installment of your tuts!!!
    I think the reason why it wont update the backdrop in your setup is that you set the vector pass after u did your initial render (wich is used for the backdrop). Since that didnt contain any vector pass the backdrop stays black.
    Rerendering a frame will deliver a vector pass and the backdrop will behave correctly again.

    Awesome tut, don’T bother my explanation, i was just so happy that I found some reason why blender did as it does ;D
    Thumbsup and best regards:)

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      David Ward says:

      yeah i realized that too as i was drifting off to sleep last night XD

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    Nice tutorial, but if I may, I would like to make some constructive criticism. I have been been watching David’s tutorial for one or two months now. The topics are great, the results are amazing, the explanations are clear, but (I don’t know how to put this…) sometimes I feel there is no enough preparation and there must be some catch-up /in/ the tutorial. In other words, /some/ tutorials are not so good pre-produced. For example in this tutorial reconnecting the vector blur node (10:22) and the blur at frame 1 (18:13).

    Somebody might blast me, for this comment, but David I mean no offense. Quite the opposite, your work and blendercookie are so good that I think (and want) you to get it better.

    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for the tutorials!

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      Wes Burke says:

      Just talked with David and we agree that the naming of this tutorial may have been off target. I have renamed it and of course appreciate the constructive feedback to the crew. :)

      Hugs all around – W

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      Lars Lovlie says:

      Great, you have to love those compositing tricks to save render time, and the alien looked a lot better with motion blur.

      I disagree with Juan, who I think is nitpicking a little here. In fact, I think I learn much more now then if the few errors made here (subsequently explained of course) were edited out. These tutorials are already the best I’ve seen, so in my opinion: don’t waste time on unnecessary polish. Please just keep em coming.

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    Christopher Wright says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve been waiting for one on motion blur, I can never get it to work right! Thanks again! 😀

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    Rebecca Fryer says:

    Another great tutorial from Blender Cookie 😀 I’m really loving this website and learning so much, more so I’m getting real inspiration to try different things myself.

    The tutorials are easy to follow and give good insight into getting the most from Blender.

    Juan, above mentioned the lack of professionalism in the way the tutorials are delivered, but I actually believe that is a good thing as it shows that mistakes can be made but they also show how you can recover from them and fix the problem and thereby addressing the fact that not all of us are so proficient at navigating the interface.

    Well done David and Jonathan for inspiring me. And may I be so bold as to ask for an interesting animated water tutorial (maybe a fountain, or waterfall).


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    JoKaYo says:

    I have a question, WHY you didn’t use a path and strait bone as you did on jhonny tutorial it gives more control like if we have a heel or rotations, the technique you used on this tut it need much time to get the result we want sometimes the character takes long or fast steps it looks like he is skiing and its horrible specially if we have a ground or a scene with shadows.

    • Posts: 261
      David Ward says:

      to my knowledge, the “stride bone” hasn’t yet been implemented into 2.5

      • Posts: 59
        JoKaYo says:

        then what is the solution ! I tried to put my character in blender 2.49 but the armature didn’t work, to continue I have to rebuild the constraints …

      • Posts: 261
        David Ward says:

        you can still make it follow a path; so the best way i can think of is to time your walkcycle to match up with the speed the armature is going down the path.

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    Whimsy Collective says:

    To David Ward and All users – Zoom in/out in Node Edito ALT_Key + V_Key or V_Key

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    Moolah says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial, David! :) I can be good in modelling but I’m still quite lame about animation o_O So before this tutorial I rendered my clips only with the sampled motion blur. I don’t know how I didn’t known about this great feature :))
    Sorry, it’s not about spam or something else… I’ll make a version of your baseball ball tutorial and place it’s URL to comments there.

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    ASHISH AAPAN says:

    does anyone know when the 5th part of the m4 rifle tutorial comes out?

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    aguirres says:

    Hey, nice tip Dave, thanks!

    I have one question, is there a simple way to do a cartoon motion blur?

    You know, an exaggerated one like the the run-cycle of the speedrunner or sonic the hedgehog, where a circle all blurred replaces the legs and the feet are barely visible. Or maybe something to do a quick spin like the taz-manian Devil.. Any ideas? I was wanting to do this for a while, I tried a motion-blur with sample 32 but is getting more realistic and not all the blur I need.

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      David Ward says:

      best way i could think of off the top of my head would be maybe a specialized character setup that had the legs as separate objects, and instead of the typical to-and-fro leg movement, they’d just swing in a circle extremely fast. that, combined with the vector blur, might give you the results you’re looking for :)

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    Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to export an animation into a series of .jpg files and then combine them into a video file? My computer crashes every time I try to render as a .mov file. I tried to combine the .jpgs in the sequence editor but couldn’t figure it out.

    Keep up the great tutorials!

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      chucker says:

      @ Bryan, once you have the image sequence loaded into the sequence editor & placed on the timeline, you can render as a mov file. Make sure that Sequencer is the only ticked checkbox in the “Post Processing” tab.

      As for ‘.mov’s, there are different codecs I’ve noticed I get errors if I choose the wrong audio or video combinations in the encoding tab. If mov’s don’t work perhaps you can try another video type?

      Hope this helps

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    FreeMind says:

    You can zoom in the compositor using V and Alt-V.

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    megisus says:

    Thanks Dave, for the tutorial!!! Glad to learn about the Vector Blur Node.. Quick question… For some reason Quicktime keeps crashing Blender.. I am using Blender 2.55 beta. My computer should be able to handle this. Is there a solution that I am looking over in the settings?

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    Dear David,

    Please advice if you will also make tutorial on mesh deform modifier too in the future? I was looking all over the inetrenet and books but there is very little information about it.

  14. Posts: 1
    Venicius says:

    hello guy good movie but …
    i maked the movie (all right)
    but how i put my movie (ended) in a format of quik media ok other (i want online know how do this !
    please help me (send me a e-mail if u know please)

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    With vector blur, motion blur looks less realistic than sampled motion blur. It looks little less blury, more solid looking and mess transperent, but vector blur takes less time to render. I would recommend to use vector blur only for experimenting your animation and sampled motion blur for your finished works.

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