Creating a Baseball

In this tutorial, I create the “figure 8″ shape of the baseball pieces using a combination of the mirror, array, and shrinkwrap modifiers; then create a curve circle and edit it to fit around the ball in the shape of the “seams”, then we create a small model of one set of “stitches”, and use the array modifier mixed with the “fit to curve” modifier (taking from Jonathan Williamson’s “Christmas Lights” tutorial) to make copies of the stitch go completely around the seams of the ball.

Jonathan’s Tutorial:

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    Paul Lampard says:

    Great tutorial I must say,

    I have a problem however i cant seem to fix. When i perform the array of the stitch, for some reason the length isnt for the entire curvecircle only a portion? So when i apply the array to the curve i end up with only a small length of stitch in the shape of the curve cirlce outline. Any ideas?


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    I have a question: I’m using blender 2.49b, and I’m having trouble with the circle creation as shown in this tutorial. Specifically, there is no Curve->Circle object. Instead, there are Bezier Circle and Nurbs Circle.

    From the looks of things, when I add a Bezier Curve object, it looks rather like the Circle object added in this tutorial – I assume that maybe the object was just renamed.

    However, using a Bezier Circle, it seems to be constrained to a plane: I can move the individual control points, just as I can move the handles to modify the curvature in that control point, but all control points and handles remain constrained to one and the same plane…

    My thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    I know it’s an old thread, but I’ve got a problem – Right at the beginning! Once I’ve created the Array Modifier, and made the offset to be the new sphere, whenever I rotate my sphere to create…well, the sphere – the array and the original UV sphere move together, so you can’t create the ball! Help!

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    Why don’t you add a crease to the edge instead of adding loops? when trying to hide the holes near where the seams are?

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    How would be go about putting seams across a more complex structure like a football?

    I designed a football as explained in the following tutorial, but was not able to make a path that ran through all of the smaller segments for the seams to run through.

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    Tony Clark says:

    Beginner sure Dave?? I found it very tricky in parts. Ive done easier intermediate tuts on this very site. Never mind though Ive struggled through so far and all in all its a great tut and Ive learnt a lot of new techniques. So tnx for tut Dave 😉

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    Greg says:

    I am fairly new to blender and I stumbled across this tutorial on how to make a baseball which I decided to try. I do fine until I try and extrude and scale down the edges of the curve. I have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work and I am sure it is something simple I am missing but I have not been able to figure it out. After selecting all the edges I hit E but at that point it will not let me scale it down. I am using Blender v2.64 on Windows 7-64 Bit.

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    Johnny Hamp says:

    Another great tutorial down. Starting to get the feel for Blendet. Thanks again

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    Eric says:

    I’m having a slight problem…

    Near the end when you are getting the seams to fit the curve, everything is going fine for me until I apply the Curve Modifier… I click on the “-Y” but there aren’t enough seams to fit the curve around the entire ball- only part of it. Please help!


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    Bob Rebach says:

    A lot of good techniques here, but for the biggest shortcoming is the lack of precision used for shaping the sections of the ball. A background guide should be too hard to incorporate in to the tutorial.

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