2010 Training Series Amendment – Kara Cloth

After several weeks of considering and looking back at Kara, we have decided to take into account many of the critiques the community had for Kara and make some adjustments to the final version.

Recording live has its strengths and this is something we believe strongly, however understand that final visual quality sometimes can take a hit as you loose the vast iteration time, hours and hours of tweaking etc.. The context of the lesson though is retained.

In this amendment to our Kara 2010 Training Series we go back and retexture Kara’s skirt and sleeves, greatly improving the look and quality. As we get time plan on revisiting other areas as well.

With these amendments we are just sticklers for wanting to make things better. 😉 These amendments are at no charge to any body that has purchased the training series of course!

If you didn’t receive the download link and had purchased the training series (Part 2 or Complete)  then please let us know at [email protected] with your Transaction ID.





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9 Responses to “2010 Training Series Amendment – Kara Cloth”
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    Awesome, the original skirt texture kinda bugged me. Sounds like there might be other amendments as well, any info on what to expect? Anyways, many thanks to you guys for doing this =)

    Greetings from Switzerland,

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      Wes Burke says:

      I actually don’t recall a specific thing, and there was an overwhelmingly positive response on the series, but more of Jonathan and I re-looking at things and finding areas where we can improve it. :)

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    If there is anything that (in my opinion) can (and perhaps should) be improved I’d say the face. It lacks a bit of detailing and character, but I know that it probably wasn’t an issue for the terrific tutorial Jonathan made. =)

    BTW when will he be returning from Amsterdam. I live in Utrecht The Netherlands 40km away from Amsterdam, I would’ve loved to have a beer with him, but unfortunately my health didn’t allow me to do so… =(

    Any ways, like always, keep on producing those all important and awesome VT’s!!

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    clavigula says:

    I was so surprised of the amendments.
    With the technicals from the training series I think it is possible to improve karas face. Jonathan gave the tip to look at Ben Dansies tutorial. It is also planed a shape key tutorial for free, depending on karas model.

    Thank you guys for the great tutorials,

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    dannykneip says:

    Always great when you can create something and not fall in love with it as is. Realizing it can be better and making the changes, in my opinion, is the mark of a very honest and true professional.

    cheers to blender cookie :)

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      Thank you very much for this amendment and if possible, please do amendments сoncerning shape keys corrections for joints and facial rig.

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    And one more question. Despite waitpainting Kara’s top, backstraps etc. interact with Kara’s body not very accurate.On Sintel DVD I saw that they use mesh deform and displace modifiers for Sintel’s skirt without armature modifier.If possible explain please how can we use them for Kara’s clothes. And many thanks for your work.

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