Creating a Pile of Guts

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a “pile of guts” on the ground using curves.

Then we go into the material editor and create a nice procedural texture to make the curves look nice and squishy.

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51 Responses to “Creating a Pile of Guts”
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    Kingpen says:

    I did what you said, but when I render, it just shows up as a black mass.

    What am I doing wrong,

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    Great tut. I tried a few settings with the lighting and subsurface scattering. Settled on cream for the sss. Need to put together a chrome material now for a tray object.

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    freezenator says:

    At 00:42 there is no option for caps. Does this mean this tutorial is null and void for the current version of Blender?

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