Update: Projection Painting in 2.5

In this tutorial, I show you how to create multiple UV maps, and “clone paint” a projected texture map onto the original set of UV coordinates.

We also go into Gimp and clean it up some, then back to Blender to apply it and add some SubSurface Scattering.

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31 Responses to “Update: Projection Painting in 2.5”
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    did you make this tutorials from the post i asked on blender cookie facebook?

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    Thanks for answering my call for help guys!! About to watch now. I was getting close on my own but THANK YOU! I’ve only been Blending and CG ing for 2 months but thanks to you guys and Blender Guru I’m already animating nice looking walking n talking models. Best wishes guys!

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    Pit says:

    Quick tip: if you set the path in Users Preferences->File for the Image Editor, you can go to Image->Edit Externally, in the UV/Image Editor, and it will open up the image that is currently in the view in an image editor of your choise. Also, having set the Image Editor path, you can truly projection paint by clicking in the quick edit button on the projection paint panel when you are in texture paint mode.

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    Niko says:

    At the beginning of the video you select a bit of the Suzannes head in edit mode and you press something that selects the whole line, what is the key combination?

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    hjh says:

    Sir, why am I unable to edit in projection? This error appears in the status : Unable to create openGL buffer?

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    Vince Redman says:

    Great 2.56 tutorial… I loved it right up the point where I tried to render and then all I got was the unadorned object that I was trying to paint to. All of my material and texture settings are exactly as you set them in the tut and the initial object data and texture painting was flawless. I can open the PNG file in photoshop and it looks great but when I try to apply it to the surface of the object in Blender… nothing, zilch, bupkiss!!! Very aggravating… especially when you consider that when I apply UV images to anything else it works great. Whad up 😕

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    aegisgfx says:

    Just an FYI, this tutorial no longer works under 2.6.4

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      On the contrary, I just finished it with the 2.6.4 release and it works perfectly. Where did you get stuck?

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    Rick Zepeda says:

    How does blender know which image goes which each UV map? When I switch maps and change to a new image, That new image becomes active for all UV maps. So when I go to project paint, it does not work when i choose each map.

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    Bryson Jack says:

    I tried to follow this tutorial with 2.72 and couldn’t get it to work. I played with a bunch of settings but it just ended in frustration. Enough has changed with 2.72 that an updated tutorial is probably needed.

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