Sintel Available Now!

After many, many months of hard work by the Durian crew Sintel is available online for download now! Rather than blabbering on here and wasting time when you could be watching Sintel just go click HERE to hit up the download page!


You may also watch the film via the embedded YouTube version below:

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30 Responses to “Sintel Available Now!”
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    Nathan says:

    This is possibly the most emotionally moving short in the universe. Its all I can do to keep from breaking out sobbing at the end.

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    lorne says:

    Fantastic!!, especially the lighting and composition. They were just spectacular. A lot of scenes were just amazing like in the cave with the dragon. Couple of crits. First, IMO the walk cycle of Sintel was not at all realistic especially from: 11;55 – 12:08. It should have been better since she was the main character. And IMO the mixture of high and low poly assets bothered me a little while watching for example Sintel looked quite low poly compared to the large dragon, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and congrats to the whole team! :)

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    Marti Gimeno says:

    sintel is brilliant, nice, amazing, espectacular, fantastic, magic, and sad…

    all the film is good…

    my coments to durian


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    I’ve watched it 3 times so far and I can’t believe what a great job they’ve done.

    Forget for a minute that it’s a 3D short film.. look at the camera angles they chose, the voice acting, edit pacing, and sound design.

    It’s brilliant!!!

    Don’t get caught up in small details, the overall experience is stunning.

    A huge thank you to everyone involved!

    (golf clap… bravo)

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    Whatever happened to happy flicks? Seriously why so many dark flicks? I enjoyed it very much up until the ending. I get the many messages that it conveys. I just am tired of sad movies.

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      Falcon says:

      Y’know, same here about the enjoying it up until the ending, Chris.

      But I like to think that Scales’ spirit/consciousness was transferred into the new dragon pup as it died. =’3 Like a phoenix or summin.
      Orrrr maybe Scales somehow survived the stabbing and getting crushed with rocks and recovered?

      These are the ‘I-srsly-doubt-it’ possibilities that kept me from bawling my eyes out at the end.
      Although the animation and voice syncing was fantastic. ^ ^

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      first, i don’t want to downplay the amazing progress that the Blender team has made, and the amazing feats, advancements and future developments they will be making in the future. i feel myself almost salivating everytime i see work like this, because to see that this is possible without the thousand-dollar commercial software packages is just so liberating and empowering. the texturing is amazing, and some shots are so visually wonderful to watch over and over again. the music is just excellent too, i love the ending credits song.

      second, some crits (which i share with the best of intentions for future productions, which i do hope to see). i agree with what some others have said. some of the animation can still be improved upon, although it has come a long way since Elephant’s Dream. and the story in Sintel just isn’t doing it for me. i understand that Blender movies are about showing what’s capable with the software, but imo, to have it really catch on and gain more and more professional recognition, every aspect has to be refined. but yes, the final product did turn out really pretty awesome given the amount of help the team had, and the time frame, budget, and resources they had to work with. i couldn’t even come close to producing something that is half the level of quality they accomplished in the film.

      i understand that the script was written probably with the intention of “it doesn’t have the expected happy ending”, but it just doesn’t quite have the “good” bittersweet effect that other movies with sad endings have. i failed to identify or find a real connection with the main character, unfortunately. i couldn’t fathom why Sintel didn’t understand the concept that she essentially kidnapped the dragon when she didn’t bother looking for its (probably devastated) mother/father. and when she saw the baby dragon was safe in the cave, why couldn’t she just let it be. and why she had to kill the dragon … even after it let it’s guard down when it could’ve killed her already if it wanted to. something just seems morally wrong about that, especially when the dragon is just protecting its kids. Sintel should’ve ran off, or at least investigated a bit more. all that makes it difficult for me to have any sympathy for her. i was really impressed with the movie (and script) all the way up until after the part where Scales is kidnapped.

      i think that scripts will become increasingly important when we reach (and to reach) a mainstream audience. there are many productions with a lot less visually, but excellent scripts (i rather enjoyed some episodes of Samurai Jack for example). and there are the very visually pleasing productions with bad scripts, like Star Wars (yeah, the episodes that don’t exist). i don’t consider Sintel a bad script; i still prefer it much, much more over Star Wars. but there is definitely room for improvement. it’s definitely moving in the right direction, though!! i see each Blender movie production only getting better and better. cheers and congratulations to the team!!! :)

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        D1sc1pl3 says:

        Remember that she had to kill the dragon when it let it’s guard down for multiple reasons:

        – It adds that sadness to the script
        – In reality she would have adrenaline pumping through her body and her brain in survival mode, meaning she would act irrationally to save her own life.
        – When the dragon let it’s guard down, her hunter instinct would told her to strike.

        And again it’s how the plot goes sadly :(

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        _bdb_ says:

        Rational critiques, but that might just be the moral of the story, her obsession drove her to the irrational destruction of what she so desperately searched for.

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    D1sc1pl3 says:

    This is just an exceoptionally beautiful-in-every-way piece of work! A tutorial on how to do firebreath like that would be awesome *hint, hint 😉

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    frank says:

    i love it fantastic

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    Massap2 says:

    Simply a heart-stunning tale, really who could think that you could put so much story into 15 minutes?

    Too much action thought:D

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    Mikan says:

    awesome work and im not sure about the story its just like a lot of other movies “solo humen helps a wounded baby animal, will be separated and some years later they get together again and BOOM! the sad shits follow in the next seconds and the main Chara get a new baby animal. The ENDE” bah

    But WHY do you guys let Sintel kill Scales?! why do you guys didnt try something new in the story what the most movies with animals dont have? like a Happy ending…

    and yes im close 2years to late lol

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