Modifier Series: Using the Array Modifier

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip series, we will be working to cover the various modifiers available in Blender.

This series will demonstrate what each modifier does, how it works and what you can use it for. In this first installment we look at the array modifier.

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28 Responses to “Modifier Series: Using the Array Modifier”
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    lorne says:

    Hi, I was really looking forward to tutorials on all of the modifiers, but I haven’t seen another tutorial on modifiers in awhile. Please continue this series.

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    Maia Couch says:

    Been working on a project involving creating a hair braid mesh. The linked tubing example was perfect!

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    Hi Jonathan,
    this exactly what I was looking for but I can’t find any other tutorial on the other modifiers so I wonder if you have ever published them?

    Could you tell me and let me know whether I can find them or not.

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        What can say :)
        Thanks you so much as allways…

        As I’ve a small way to talk to you. I’m working on the animation foundamental DVD and I’ve tried to understand how CLIVE rig was made, especialy the hands. Do you think you’ll (or have) post(ed) an advanced rig tutorial. Because this one is so powerfull but not easy to understand :)

        Thanks again for your reply and generaly speaking for your work.

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        Incredible, I’ve also purchased this DVD at the same time as the Animation foundamental DVD but didn’t chck it yet…. So I’m very happy to know I’ve allready all the things I need…

        Can you also find a way to sell free time on your online shop? I’ll be a good customer 😀

        I’ve allready watch a few modifiers tip videos, thank you again. Have a nice day (evening)

        Rig rig rig rig…..

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