Tip: Faking Reflections

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip we demonstrate how to easily fake reflections for objects when you do not have an environment around the object to reflect or do not wish to use raytracing.

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18 Responses to “Tip: Faking Reflections”
  1. Posts: 18
    swims says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Wrong video embedded :)


    • Posts: 46
      Got Tung? says:

      @ swims,
      Is the right video for being a wrong one, though :p
      Maybe Bug Reporting vid can be used to summit a wrong video report :p lol


  2. Posts: 32
    Joe Christie says:

    If you go to their Vimeo site you can see the Faking reflection video there till it get fixed on this page.

  3. Posts: 564
    Wes Burke says:

    That is what I get for trying to publish a tutorial too early in the morning. Updated embed code is there and thank you for letting me know. :)


    • Posts: 32
      Joe Christie says:

      It’s ok, we’ll forgive you this once. But, only since you bring us Blender goodies all the time.

  4. Posts: 24
    Pawel says:

    There’s no video here OR on Vimeo…

    • Posts: 24
      Pawel says:

      Sorry, the video IS working on Vimeo. Seems I had a script blocker on :)

  5. Posts: 18
    Brennan says:

    Sweet deals! I love simple alternatives, man. It looks so good too!

    Thanks Jonathan, keep up the awesome tutorials!

  6. Posts: 10
    Omar_Ramirez says:

    Quite nice XD

    I really need to learn a lot more about materials, lighting and texturing Xd

  7. Posts: 1
    Marius says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have followed the tutorial using 2.49 and I found that a better way to get rid of the color cast and use only the highlights values of the image map would be to leave the blend mode to Mix, hit the No RGB button (in 2.5 I think it’s RGB to Intensity) and change the color below to white.

    Not sure it could help somebody, for me was helpful to put some highlights on a glass using a HDR image, without getting the color information as well.

    You have a great website, I learned a lot of Blender in a matter of weeks, thanks to you. :)

  8. Posts: 44
    Philippe M. says:

    I used the Reflection mapping the other day, but I didn’t know about Screen 😀 I’ll definitely try it out, might improve my render.

    Thanks Jonathan for another awesome video 😀

    @Vinicius Niu – very, very nice coffee mugs, they look real! 😀

  9. Posts: 1

    hey ur tutorials are awsome i need to ask u somthing how do u make like a transformation of a person to some creature like i don’t know a bird :)

  10. Posts: 3
    wispcolor says:

    awesome! now i can make metallic characters!

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